15 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Perfectly Adequate

The Office: Season Three
The Office: Season Three

1. You only have to scold them for rudely focusing on their phone at dinner once or twice before they wise up and put it away.

2. They’re super supportive of your goals and dreams — unless they like, disagree with the choice you’re making or whatever, but besides that, they’re so encouraging.

3. They’ve got their own goals and dreams that they might not necessarily be actively chasing, but they talk about them semi-enthusiastically every few weeks or so.

4. When you say “I love you” they romantically reply “Me too” or “Ditto” or “Samesies.”

5. They have an actual, definitive personality and they’re confident being the unique individual they are in life… Y’know, like “whiskey lover” or “enjoys traveling” or “guy with a beard.”

6. They don’t twist your words during arguments. I mean, they might give you a recap of what you just said 20-seconds ago with entirely different words that you didn’t use at all, but in a totally, non-manipulative sort of way.

7. They don’t buy you specific presents that they know fit your personal preferences, but choose to give you gift cards instead.

8. If you call them while they’re at the store to ask for something, they’ll happily get it for you — unless they’re already in line. Or headed towards the line. Or it’s more than three aisles away.

9. Sometimes they kind of make the effort, but lack attention to detail. For example, if you ask for Red Vines, they’ll bring you Twizzlers.

10. If your social media post isn’t drawing lots of attention, they’ll give you a sympathy ‘like’ most of the time.

11. They’re punctual with plans you’ve made at least 50% of the time, and even when they’re late it’s only 5-60 minutes-ish.

12. You’re 100% certain that they haven’t cheated on you, as far as you know.

13. They don’t get childishly jealous over you… Unless someone ‘likes’ your photo on Instagram, because who is that girl/guy? Where do you know him/her from? When was the last time y’all talked? Hmm, that just seems suspicious, for them to just randomly like your pic, but okay, whatever.

14. They might occasionally forget important dates like Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or your birthday, but they’ll apologize profusely when you remind them, and run to the store to grab that consolation gift card.

15. They have a pulse. They’re breathing. They breathe enough every day to stay alive, and it makes you feel a little less dead inside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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