11 Things San Antonio Spurs Fans Understand

11 Things San Antonio Spurs Fans Understand

1. With five championships in 15 years, we are an incredibly spoiled bunch to say the least. When we complain about not winning a game or being eliminated it sounds like the spoiled rich kid who throws a tantrum because his parents bought him a 2013 Mercedes-Benz when he actually wanted the newest model. The difference between us and that brat is we know and acknowledge that we’re spoiled before feeling any disappointment about losses.

2. You’ll always have love for former Spurs players. Whether it be the all-time legends like George “The Iceman” Gervin & David Robinson or fairly recently departed players like George Hill and DeJuan Blair, you’ll always consider them a beloved member of the Spurs family. Though DeJuan almost burned that bridge when he kicked Tiago in the head.

3. You watch their games as an anxious parent would watch their child play youth sports. Cheering passionately while praying that NOBODY gets injured.

4. You also have to worry about injuries during the NBA offseason, because several international players participate in their country’s basketball festivities. Tony Parker & Boris Diaw playing for France, Manu for Argentina, Mills for Australia, etc.

5. Hearing people make ‘they’re so old’ jokes about the Spurs gets kind of obnoxious, especially considering the fact that they’re not the oldest team in the league and their veteran players are playing at a significantly higher level than most young players.

6. A large portion of your wardrobe will always be based around Spurs colors. It’s perfect because black & silver are a great foundation to build on, but you can also integrate some teal, pink and orange if you own any 90s Spurs gear.

7. Everyone else can give up on selfie taking because the greatest multiple person selfie of all time was taken by greatest the entire 2013-2014 squad. This is indubitably your favorite picture in existence.

Spurs Twitter
Spurs Twitter

8. Ray Allen’s corner three that cost San Antonio the 2013 NBA championship will forever haunt you, though beating Miami handily for the 2014 championship helps ease that pain. Still, not since Derek Fisher’s 0.4 shot (which was 10 YEARS AGO) have we felt so miserable about a single made basket.

9. Hearing unknowledgeable fans say the Spurs are boring makes you cringe. Sure, that’s subjective, but how does a combination of beautiful ball movement, solid defense and a barrage of three-point shooting get branded boring?

10. Regardless of a season’s outcome, you follow it up by immediately hoping to confirm that Duncan, Ginobili and Popovich are returning ASAP. For the past 5 or 6 years there’s a heavy amount of speculation regarding how long these HOFers will continue and while you’d like to believe that this unit won’t ever retire, realistically you know it’s looming. (Though Popovich could stick around and coach for several years.)

11. Often times you find yourself wondering if you’re too emotionally invested in the Spurs’ success. Usually this ends with you settling on the notion that there’s no such thing as ‘too emotionally invested‘ in the San Antonio Spurs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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