Pajamas Over People: Your Guide To Staying Home This Weekend

Pajamas Over People: Your Guide To Staying Home This Weekend

These recommendations are for the weekend: Friday December 20, 2013 thru Sunday December 22, 2013. As an often antisocial, television loving, Internet exploring, self-excluding individual, I feel that the art of being a homebody is an area of my expertise. So, by the powers vested in me, I’d like to officially guide any individuals choosing to remain home this weekend as best as I can. Stock up on two days worth of snacks and drinks, grab your sweatpants, check your Wi-Fi and follow my lead. Let’s form a society or something. We’ll call it HA – Homebody Association. Acronyms are cool, good for us.

Obvious Thing To Watch On Netflix.

Bo Burnham’s new special titled what. This week it was released for free (thank you, Bo) on several mediums — so if you don’t have Netflix or are too lazy to text the person you bum Netflix off of for their login info, it’s also available right below on YouTube. According to his Reddit AMA the other day, this took 3 years to write and I’m amazed that he produced such brilliance in that short of a period. Seriously, the tiny details this hour is filled with are incredible. I’ve watched it three times and have discovered new jokes each time, while laughing at ones I heard previously because BRILLIANT. Watch this man’s other stuff as well – I promise you’ve never seen a show like this or an individual pulling off humor in such a thought-provoking way.[youtube=]

Less Obvious Thing To Watch On Netflix

Extract. It’s a 2009 film starring Jason Bateman & Mila Kunis who are two people fully capable of entertaining us. I’ve yet to watch it and though I remember trailers, it always had that you’ll-end-up-watching-this-on-Netflix-in-four-years kind of feel to it.

Cool Website

So Donald Glover/Childish Gambino posted this script along with visual aid at and I intend to devour the entire confection in one sitting, as Bruce Bogtrotter would eat a giant chocolate cake. This is a really creative, cool way to present something, as it caters to the reader-type and visual folks alike.

Reading Material

Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone

Back to Bo Burham here, folks – you must read his recent book Egghead or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone. Much like his shows, it’s funny at times but also manages to make you stop and spend a few minutes thinking about what you just read. Also, it’s a super quick read unless you have a 56k modem type brain, so there should be plenty of time to indulge in other shenanigans after finishing.


Twitter: There’s an account titled: ‘STOP WHITE PEOPLE.” I’ll just leave it here for you.

Vine:  Here we have the first #PajamasOverPeople hat trick, as Bo Burham earns a third mention for his work on Vine is also going to be highly recommended here. I promise they’re all gold, six seconds of pure, gold. Click here to watch a compilation of some.

Instagram:  Cooking For Bae is an account dedicated to photos of disgusting, failed attempts at cooking by people who intended to provide a delicious (or at the very least, edible) meal to their significant other. You’ll hope that some of them are fake, otherwise that means people not only thought they’re cooking was legit, but felt confident enough to take a photo of the concoction and share it with the world.

Weekend Soundtrack (AKA One Song To Play Repeatedly All Weekend Until You’re Sick Of It).

[youtube=]It’s called Step Out by Jose Gonzalez and it’ll make you feel empowered and as if you can accomplish anything, thought the objective here is to be entertained for a weekend indoors, so I don’t know if those two concepts mesh well. Regardless, it reminds me of Wake Up by Arcade Fire which I loved… Y’know, I’m just now realizing this, but perhaps it’s songs with inspiring chants in the background that I have a soft spot for.

YouTube Surfing

Obviously go to the ExpressionTV channel and enjoy the videos there, but also, check out this video of a social experiment that puts the bro code to the test. SPOILER ALERT: The bro code is virtually non-existent — and it’s not so much bro code as it is decent human being code.[youtube=]

Food Suggestions.

No complicated creations this time, I’m going to get plain old vanilla ice cream and pour cinnamon toast crunch on top of it like a 7-year-old whose parents left him in the kitchen. You can judge all you won’t, but I won’t be taking pictures of it out of fear that I’ll end up on Cooking For Bae.

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