The Worst Type Of People In The World (Aside From Like, Murderers & Texters Who Take Forever To Respond)


When writing or creating anything and putting it out there for the world to evaluate, opinions are to be expected. Some will love your work, some will hate it, others will tell you it’s the best thing ever and you’re so handsome & smart (thanks, Mom!). Here’s the thing – the architect of said work knows that their baby is going on display to be gawked at and scrutinized, but why are folks becoming increasingly comfortable spewing inept, hateful drivel so casually?

Personally, I’m not into faultfinding and negativity. I understand judges and critics exist, but meh, not for me. Constructive or not, who the hell are any of us really, to say what’s wrong with or should be different about stuff that came from another person’s mind? These hateful individuals live in isolation on a farm of misery, growing intolerable crops as they squeeze haterade from their cows’ teats and mix marijuana into bales of hay so they can ride around on their high horses.

All I’m saying is if you read, listen to or watch something and don’t enjoy it, here are some great next steps to take other than saying “this sucked” or “it should’ve been like this” or scanning it for an incorrect usage of your/you’re:

1. Create something yourself and grace the world with your genius that’s obviously there, because why else would you be so comfortable dropping your pants, squatting and taking a dump on other people’s work?
2. Stop reading, listening to or watching the thing and go on living your life.
3. Find a hobby. Seriously – wouldn’t you rather learn piano than harass someone because you’re not a fan of their stuff? Better yourself instead of trying to drag the universe down to your level of misery. Improve one person or tear down billions? You do the math.
4. Do something other than waste precious seconds of your existence writing mean comments that could potentially ruin hours (or more) of somebody else’s.
5. Drink wine until you love yourself or like yourself or don’t hate yourself or fall asleep.

Don’t haters realize that they’re ruining creativity? They ridicule or poke fun at things that people put their efforts into and in many unfortunate instances, lead to less and less imagination & innovation because nobody wants to take the abuse. It’s easier to be the stick than the piñata. What’s going to happen when we’re all plain, wooden sticks? There’ll be no colorful, candy filled happiness because everyone is afraid of being smacked to the ground and split open. No! — I’m here to say screw the piñata assaulters! EMBRACE YOUR INNER FESTIVITIES. You are full of Now and Laters and miniature Snickers and Jaw breakers and lollipops in the form of IDEAS. Don’t let those nuggets of brilliance or mediocrity or obvious or cliché or played out or only funny to you (and Mom, of course) go to waste. The world needs less sticks and more impenetrable, full of magical goodies piñatas. WHAT DO WE WANT? MINIATURE SNICKERS? PINATAS! WHEN DO WE WANT THEM? I’M HEADED TO TARGET TO GRAB A BAG OF ‘EM NOW! NOW!

In closing, I’d just like for us to consider being better to each other and having more respect for the notion of putting yourself in a vulnerable place. Believe it or not, it takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude to do things and put them in public for anonymous & identifiable people alike, to have at. I’m not saying don’t voice your opinion – wait, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying, unless of course it’s positive. Whatever though — angry, nasty people will keep existing, wielding their miserable, wooden stick remarks, and the piñatas of the world will continue being breathtaking and impenetrable as hell. TC Mark

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