Pajamas Over People: 10 Tips For Your Weekend In

These recommendations are for the weekend: Friday November 8, 2013 thru Sunday November 10, 2013. As an often antisocial, television loving, Internet exploring, self-excluding individual, I feel that the art of being a homebody is an area of my expertise. So, by the powers vested in me, I’d like to officially guide any individuals choosing to remain home this weekend as best as I can. Stock up on two days worth of snacks and drinks, grab your sweatpants, check your Wi-Fi and follow my lead. Let’s form a society or something. We’ll call it HA – Homebody Association. Acronyms are cool, good for us.

Pajamas Over People: 10 Tips For Your Weekend In

1. Obvious thing to watch on Netflix.

New Girl. I’m so, so incredibly late on this but I finally watched the first five episodes and of course I’m hooked the same way many were two or so years ago. Aside from the countless laughs it’s going to provide, I am looking forward to revisiting Koty Neelis33 Ridiculously Hilarious Schmidt Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day post and being able to grasp the context and character of Schmidt a little better.

2. Less obvious thing to watch on Netflix.

My Cat From Hell. As a reality TV junkie and cat-disliker, this is something I will take great pleasure in watching. Before cat lovers jump on me, I only gave up on kitties after years of being snubbed by snobby, pretentious felines who rejected my affection. I feel like 98% of them are from hell, and that rare 2% are the ones willing to snuggle or at the very least not swipe angrily at any hand that dares to try to gently stroke ‘em.

3. Cool Website.

Holy relaxation, check out Rainy Mood. Since discovering this I’ve found it difficult not to have a tab open with this serving as background noise while I peruse the internet.

4. Reading Material

I began Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half this week which is hilarious and fantastic and quite possibly the quickest 350+ page read ever because of all the visuals it’s filled with. If you want to laugh but also possibly trigger several other feelings, this is your answer.

5. People to follow on social media.

Twitter: Real Carrot Facts — just trust me on this.
Vine: Chris D’Elia is pure gold. So many 6-second increments of hilariousness.
Instagram: Nasa because outer space.

6. Weekend soundtrack AKA one song to play repeatedly.

[youtube=]Yes, it’s the song from that one Breaking Bad series finale clip and yes, the video for it is slightly disturbing but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fantastic song that belongs on your iPod.

7. Random activity to do.

Start a Vine or YouTube channel. I’ve been wanting to for years now and maybe, just maybe this is the weekend to do it. Who knows, it might be fun to document the monotony of your life or film shorts that are funny or thought provoking or creepy. Send them my way and we, the Homebody Association can all appreciate each other’s shenanigans.

8. TV show that you need to start watching if you aren’t already.

The NeighborsHumor and science fiction are my two favorite genres, so naturally I’m attracted to this series. Now, I’ve only caught two episodes and watched completely out of context but I was intrigued and amused enough to know that I should make a conscious effort to watch, and that’s what I intend to do. I wasn’t willing to find a new series after the cancellation of Happy Endings broke my heart, but I’m going to try to love again on ABC, Fridays at 8:30pm ET.

9. YouTube Surfing

[youtube=]From those who enjoy the modern day prank movement, here is EpicFiveTV’s girlfriend pick up stunt. They basically go around creating extreme levels of discomfort as they pretend to be interested in stealing girlfriends right in front of their guys. I must admit, my heart breaks for the kid at the 1:37ish mark because his anxiety radiates out of the screen and into my chest. Their channel is full of these types of awkward, tense vibes.


[youtube=]Yes, y’all — there’s a way to weave bacon into the form of a taco shell, then fill it with ground meat, cheese, or whatever taco-y things you enjoy. This is worthy of some type of award or national appreciation because it’s basically brilliant. Now, this video offers instructions so we can concoct our own bacon taco shells, but it looks like a heavy workload so chances are I’ll watch it a couple times until my mouth is beyond watering, then I’ll hit the nearest Taco Bell and use my imagination. One day, though… One day. TC Mark

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