Pajamas Over People: 10 Netflix Recommendations For Your Weekend In

1. Rob Delaney: Live at the Bowery Ballroom

Rob Delaney is one of the elite Twitter-ers? Tweet writers? Tweeters? Whatever, one of, if not the most amusing people on Twitter, Rob Delaney, has an hour-long standup special and watching it should be a no-brainer. The hilariousness he creates in brief, 140 character (or less) long tweets can now be experienced over 60 minutes of audible, visible glory.

2. Super

Regular people becoming superheroes sounds a lot lick Kick-Ass, but this has Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page, both of whom I’ve been having withdrawals from. Also, in Juno these two had a brief but hilarious scene, so watching that chemistry over the course of an hour and a half sounds pretty enticing.

3. Orange Is The New Black

It’s a Netflix original series and there’s an entire season’s worth to binge watch if you find it worthy of your weekend. If I’m being honest, all I really know is that it takes place in a women’s prison and it’s pretty popular, so that seems like enough to earn it a shot. Yes we often choose our soft pants over human interaction, but for those rare opportunities to thrive in a pop culture conversation, it helps to be knowledgeable about a fairly trendy show.

4. Katy Perry: Part Of Me

Hear me out on this, y’all – I’ve heard this documentary is inspiring and even capable of making non-Katy Perry fans change their sentiments towards her. Even if you’re certain that her music doesn’t tickle your fancy, take the Katy Perry Part Of Me challenge and see if you at least respect her grind and journey after this 93 minute tale.

5. Silent Hill: Revelation

When trailers for this movie came out, I insisted that it looked like it belonged on RedBox’s option list immediately. No big screen, no lengthy delay, just boom – straight to RedBox. Now, here it is on Netflix, and I don’t even have to pay the measly dollar to rent it for a night. I’m not a big horror fan, but I’ll watch because one of the few things that don’t scare me are over-the-top special effects and predictable jumpy moments.

6. Crazy Enough

I’m probably not going to watch this in its entirety, just going to stream for five minutes to confirm that Chris Kattan is still alive.

7. Mulan

No one Disney movie should have all that inspiration, but Mulan does and it will hit you right in the feelings with all the force of a great typhoon. It’s not just the legendary story of a tomboy persevering her way into the Chinese army, but the fact that so many of us remember it from our childhood that also leads to nostalgia burning with the strength of a raging fire. Alright, sorry, I’m done.

8. Mulan 2

There is a second Mulan that came out in 2004-2005ish, and I kind of forgot it existed. Perhaps my mind blocked it out, fearing that it’ll taint the first one, but today I stand here prepared for the worst. If you are a Mean Girls fan and you saw the monstrosity that was Mean Girls 2, you know how frustrating it can be to  witness a subpar sequel. I have a little more faith in Mulan 2 to at least accomplish mediocrity.

9. Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

This is described as a “stoner fairy tale” which immediately makes me curious what that entails. I mean, to a stoner isn’t every move somewhat of a fairy tale? I have a feeling this could be one of those comically bad, but somehow entertaining, low budget flicks. I know it may sound ridiculous but if worse comes to worst you can just press STOP — that’s the beauty of this whole Netflix recommendations list — it’s risk free.

10. Pretty Little Liars

I’m encouraging y’all to watch in the hopes that someone can help me find a cure, and stop my addiction. I don’t know why, it’s really unexplainable, but I have relapses that consist of me sitting through 3-8 episodes at a time. It’s sad, but I’ve tried everything. Pointing out the fact that there are 30 year olds playing teens or that the entire cast is unrealistically, obnoxiously attractive doesn’t work. I’m still open to suggestions and potential solutions to PLL cravings.

If you need more Netflix recommendations/commentary, or just truly believe that Netflix is your spirit animal, browse this curated board of TC articles. Until next time, send me your thoughts on these Netflix listings and share your #PajamasOverPeople experiences with the masses! TC Mark

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