Disturbing Video Of A Dog Being Shot & Killed In An Unnecessary Situation


The most frustrating thing about this animal’s death and the thought I had throughout watching the video is that it’s so unnecessary. It didn’t have to happen and not by taking extreme preventative measures, but by simply not seeking out trouble. It’s easy to be critical of and blame police, especially in a time when anything involving a black person and a non-black officer is bound to draw speculation of racially charged motives. The bottom line in this unfortunate case is that a man recorded police on his camera, which I believe was completely legal, but then yelled comments at the officers as well, until they decide to approach and arrest him. He doesn’t resist, and even offers his back to surrender himself calmly, but why scream at officers in the middle of work to begin with?

This is the second pointless part. The officers could’ve let this man’s verbal rant continue and ignore it, especially since he wasn’t putting anyone in danger and he appeared to be on his way to leaving the area. Instead they chose to cuff him and his loyal dog seemingly responds on instincts and comes over to protect his owner. While the dog comes closer, it never quite seems to attack, but one of the officers shoots it multiple times, killing it in front of its owner and a crowd of upset onlookers. I’m not here to say whether the owner is at fault or the cop should be fired, all I know is that the only casualty of that situation is the dog, and I can say for certain that its death was preventable and unnecessary. TC Mark

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