Here’s A Video Of A Dog Crying During ‘The Lion King’ Scene That Traumatized Every 90s Kid

The Lion King (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)
The Lion King (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

I’ve come a long way since weeping over the lifeless corpse of Mufasa being discovered by a helpless Simba back in 1994 — we all have. Over the past 19 years (Good Lord, it’s been THAT long) our emotional thresholds have grown stronger, our metabolism is slower, and the effect an animated death has on us isn’t typically as painful these days. Still, there are certain things that tug at our heartstrings and the shrieking, squeal of a crying doggy is one of ‘em. This video of a puppy watching a scene we’re so familiar with and evoking the same sentiments we once felt is oddly heartwarming, extremely precious and a dash of funny.

Is the dog really grasping what it’s seeing? Is the brain inside that adorable hound’s head processing a Disney movie in great detail? I vote yes. That puppy’s eyes are glued to the screen, thoroughly locked in as it only looks away a couple times very briefly, glancing at its owners for answers. Pause the clip at 45 seconds in, and don’t even try to deny having that exact same expression when you turned to your parents/siblings, hurt and confused nearly two decades ago. Geez, again, I can’t believe it’s been that long, I need to go do something productive unless there’s a way to build a respectable life legacy by binge watching dog videos on YouTube all day. TC Mark
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