26 More Of Life’s Little Pleasures

Here are the first: 50 Of Life’s Little Pleasures

1. First kisses that have the potential to be last, first kisses.

2. Being able to finally complete that complicated verse of quickly rapped lyrics in a song you love.

3. Slightly syrupy, sweet milk that is created when pouring the last crumb-filled corner out of a bag of Frosted Flakes.

4. The moment you wake up and realize that the terrible, disastrous experience you just had was a dream.

5. Completely random, great conversations with a stranger.

6. Checking the refrigerator and pantry after you’ve gone grocery shopping.

7. When any business serving food or drinks gets your order wrong and let’s you keep the screwed up version, along with the correct one.

8. Feeling like a million bucks in the morning, when you anticipated being excruciatingly hung-over from heavy drinking the night before.

9. Going through old photo albums on the computer and remembering moments that hadn’t crossed your mind in a while.

10. Catching someone checking you out. (They may have just been looking, but stroke that ego regardless.)

11. When the tracking bar of a download fills up rapidly.

12. Intending on buying something at full price, then discovering at the cash register that it’s on sale.

13. Running a stop light when the person to the side of and behind you does so as well. Your chances of being pulled over shrink significantly.

14. The crunch-sound made when stepping in a layer of snow.

15. Your iPod’s shuffle-mode miraculously playing all of the songs you want to hear.

16. Being sick and stuffy in bed, struggling to breathe – and suddenly having your nostril passages clear up.

17. The tortilla chip that’s heavily covered in all of the nacho toppings.

18. Unprotected Wi-Fi signals at times when internet is necessary.

19. Stumbling upon unwatched episodes of your favorite television series’.

20. Matching up the Tupperware container and lid on the first try.

21. When nobody else’s cell phone has bars, so the weight of any call, text, directions or Google search needed falls directly on your dependable shoulders. (Or just being depended on and happily capable of delivering in general.)

22. “Good morning.” “Good night.” and “Did you get home safe?” text messages from the ones you love.

23. Using the restroom after holding it for entirely too long.

24. Seeing bad karma make rounds and come back to bite a deserving individual.

25. Actually winning a stuffed toy from the claw games that have probably made a fortune off of you over the years.

26. Finally accomplishing something you’ve passionately desired and expended significant amounts of time and energy on. TC Mark

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