10 Pros And Cons Of Sundays

Pro #1: It’s not a weekday. It’s still the weekend. Automatically this is a positive thing.

Con #1: The high volume of water, Gatorade, ibuprofen, coffee, sunglasses and fast food utilized for those suffering from seemingly incurable hangovers.

Pro #2: When football season is happening, it makes Sundays the most enjoyable of times. The adults gather to consume unhealthy foods, the kids go outside to throw the pigskin around, and imitate their favorite players — and everybody has a ball. Get it? Punday.

Con #2: That dreaded feeling that lingers in the back of your mind all day, because you know that Monday is looming. It’s like eating Taco Bell. It should be an enjoyable experience, but can you really relish the moment when you know what’s lurking right around the corner?

Pro #3: Sunday Fundays. If you aren’t familiar, basically this consists of day drinking. Often times it’s less intense concoctions, such as a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Regardless of drink choice, the objective is to find yourself at peak intoxication no later than 7 p.m. If done properly, you’ll extend weekend festivities a day, but still leave yourself plenty of time to recuperate by Monday.

Con #3: The amount of work being crammed across the globe, whether for school or a career. Miserable souls surround us, as they attempt to complete projects while cursing their assigner.

Pro #4: It’s a family day for many of us. Since lots of people are off work, it’s a tradition for some families to gather and spend time. Whether it’s church, breakfast, brunch or dinner — a pleasant day spent around loved ones can be fantastic.

Con #4: It’s a family day for many of us. Yes, this made the list as both a pro and a con. Why? Well not everyone enjoys the company of family as much as the other. For some, this is a gathering of the dysfunctional. A bunch of people who despise each other, but assemble because they share blood, or some other unfortunate connection in life. Depressing, but true for many.

Pro #5: We can lie in bed doing absolutely nothing, and nobody will question us. TBS likes to play a sh-tload of movies, and who doesn’t want to see Hitch for the 100th time? (Eva Mendez, Will Smith, Kevin James — it has something for everybody.) Or you can take advantage of Netflix and host a TV series marathon, either way — nobody’s judging you. While many folks do this regularly, it’s the only day of the week where it’s widely accepted.

Con #5: Once about 8pm hits on Sunday evening, it’s like somebody died. Everyone gets quiet, there’s high tension and emotion, we make eye contact with one another but nobody wants to speak the thought we’re all sharing. Nobody wants to say, that dreaded term. On Sunday evenings, the word ‘Monday’ is to us, what Voldemort is to Harry Potter — it-which-must-not-be-named. It’s as if we know what we’re facing. Another work week. Another five days of brutal, gruesome, awful work. Okay, so that’s a gigantic exaggeration and we should be grateful to have jobs, but seriously – we need a name for the grievance period that takes place on Sunday nights. Let’s call it Sunday Cerulean. (Cerulean was my favorite Crayola crayon as a kid. It’s a shade of blue. Sunday nights make us sad. Blue means sad. Henceforth, Sunday Cerulean.) TC Mark

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