20 Methods To Make Your Weekend Interesting

By attempting the actions on this list, I can’t guarantee you’ll have an ideal weekend – but it’ll damn sure be interesting.

1. Be someone else. Create a character. Wear glasses and a wig, speak with a fake accent – whatever you want. Introduce the public to this unique personality for the day.

2. If you’re single, meet someone you find attractive and get their contact info (or at least attempt to). If you’re taken, treat your sweetheart to something special. Either way, it’ll be an exhilarating time.

3. Test out a new drink; one that you’ve never had. Order whiskey, a different brand of beer or some type of mixed concoction that will be pique your taste buds for the very first time.

4. Let out your inner photographer and take an abnormal amount of pictures. Document your weekend through an abundance of still shots. Invite strangers into these photo-ops and you’ll create an epic album for future viewing pleasure.

5. Watch multiple movies, but specifically ones outside of your favorite genre. Horror buffs can test out romantic comedies, and suspense enthusiasts can give dramas a try.

6. Perform a childhood activity. Maybe organize a game of kickball, or devour cereal while watching cartoons. Heck, you can even build an epic blanket fort. Forts were one of the joys of childhood, so it’s only right that we relive the glorious experience as adults. I promise, it’ll still be a blast.

7. Have a yard sale. You’ll get rid of unnecessary clutter and make some cash simultaneously. Kill two gigantic birds with one magnificent stone.

8. Take a shot at creating a comedy sketch, or short film. Write a script, record it with friends and throw it online. Who knows, it could go viral and make you Youtube famous.

9. Get together with old friends. It’s always nice to gather and reminisce on, or even recreate the glory days.

10. Begin reading a new book series. Choose something that has multiple installments in its saga, so you have more than just one novel.

11. Watch Food Network or browse the web for a tasty looking recipe, then attempt to make it. If you’re as bad as me, have the fire department on speed dial in advance.

12. Rearrange your home. Move couches, tables, chairs and beds until it looks like a brand new place. Sometimes it’s refreshing to have a brand new feel to a regularly visited place.

13. Wear an outfit that’s on the edge of ugly. You know, the one that sits in your closet because it’s teetering on the line between stylish and appalling. Sport it with confidence and see what type of reactions you draw.

14. Attend some type of local event. Maybe a fair, sports game, or circus. Or you could just go to WalMart. Surely you’ll see a double-take worthy spectacle there. Strange individuals and always low prices.

15. Gamble with a set amount of cash. Play only with that specific money — nothing more, nothing less. Hit the casino, or buy scratch/lottery tickets. It’s risky, but somebody has to win.

16. Get a very intense workout in, then feel inclined to eat and/or drink whatever type of garbage you’d like to consume this weekend – to the point where you start craving healthy food. (I suggest finding the nearest place that serves a cookie A La Mode. It’s well worth the calories.)

17. Drink coffee after 10pm and see what the end result is. You’ll certainly be perky and alert up into the wee hours of the night, so the possibilities are endless.

18. After a night out, visit IHOP. I recommend ordering the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity. Even if you don’t enjoy fruit covered pancakes, doused in whip cream – the name makes them fun to order.

19. Learn a new dance, and then try it in public. It’s quite alright if you have to consume multiple alcoholic beverages before attempting – in fact, it’s encouraged. Hit the club with a little double dream hands.[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm7yAWpX1Mc%5D20. Change your birthday to today on Facebook and see how many comments, messages and invitations to hangout you receive. If pulled off properly, you could have unaware folks buying you free drinks this evening. TC Mark

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