For All The Hopeless Romantics Out There: Don’t Ever Change

You deserve the world. You deserve to be treated like planets orbit around you, because you are constellations of everything any individual would be so lucky to have. You are a galaxy yourself, uncharted and sacred and should be treated as such.

You don’t deserve to be pushed aside and feel like you don’t matter. You don’t deserve to have someone utilize your emotions and the affections you have for them when they feel it’s convenient on their part. Don’t allow someone to treat you like you come second when you’ve done nothing but shower them with raw emotion.

You deserve the love you have been giving and nothing less. You deserve more than what they have had to offer. You deserve to hear and feel like you are loved and to not have to second guess yourself. 

You have opened up, allowed yourself to be vulnerable in a world that at times ridicules those who love too much and love too hard.

Please don’t change, stay the same. The world needs people like you. The world needs to know it’s okay to love.

You are brave for diving into a vast ocean of uncertainty. Swimming against rip curls of heartache just to find calm waters.

Love will never be smooth sailing I can tell you that. The water will always be choppy, waves wavering. What you can change is the course you take and who decide to be on that voyage with.  Wait for someone who appreciates you, who doesn’t take you and the love you have for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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