Today We Start The Journey Of Taking America Back From Trump

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

The 2016 Election is shameful for the United States.

Don’t get me wrong. America is a great country, but remaining silent isn’t an option. What’s really troubling is people who voted for Donald Trump in spite of his xenophobia, sexism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and bigotry. Whether Trump actually believes what he said isn’t 100 percent the point.

Parents always tell their children actions have consequences, and Trump should be no different. Human imperfection doesn’t make hateful rhetoric okay since the mantra, “If you aren’t a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem” applies.

How people could hate Hillary Clinton so much and vote for Donald Trump shows sexism because she wouldn’t have been scrutinized about Benghazi/her emails/and corruption if she were a man. Unfortunately, the election has normalized xenophobia, sexism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and bigotry by making hate acceptable by having it just be “par for the course.”

Trump supporters having a blasé attitude by telling Democrats and people who voted against Trump to get over the election is both wrong and hypocritical. Republicans in Congress were the ones that obstructed Obama at every possible moment by refusing to work with him. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell even said something along the lines of how making Obama a one-term president was his mission back when Obama was first elected during the 2008 Election. Having that kind of attitude is spiteful. It is easy for white middle-aged men not to feel threatened when they have had privilege.

Don’t get wrong.

Nobody is asking white middle-aged men to apologize for their gender or being white. The point is to have empathy for their fellow human beings. Mentioning how the Senate hasn’t even held a hearing for Obama’s Supreme Court nomination must also be brought up while on the topic of Republican obstructionism. Not agreeing or even liking the president is one thing. But for Senators to not even do their jobs and hold a hearing for Obama’s latest Supreme Court appointment is ridiculous.

But more implications exist beyond just electing a bad president because people cannot forget the Supreme Court. Imagine if Trump appointed even a couple of judges during his presidency.

The consequences will be around even if a Democrat is elected president after Trump since the appointment is for lifetime. Besides, a case could go to the Supreme Court regarding marriage equality, abortion, or affordable healthcare. So all the progress that President Obama has achieved can be undone by a single Supreme Court ruling if Republicans have a majority.

The age of misinformation is probably one of the most alarming aspects of the 2016 Election.

Being conservative and Republican is fine, but FOX News and conservative radio doesn’t just disagree with President Obama and Democrats. They made it/make it their mission to crucify Obama and the Democrat Party. And the sad part is there’s a large demographic of America that believes anything FOX News and conservative radio says as gospel truth.

One only needs to look at the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. A white man would never have been hassled like Obama was over his birth certificate. Also, Trump was one of the people leading the charge about Obama’s certificate. So Americans voting for Donald Trump in light of the birth certificate issue is astounding and reinforces stupidity.

Propaganda slogans also relate to the issue of misinformation. Trump mantras like “Lock her up,” “Drain the swamp,” and “Make America great again” simplify overly complicated issues because saying those slogans over and over again will get people on his side regardless of the facts.

So to my fellow Democrats and other people who are disgusted by Trump and what he stands for, it is time to take back the country. Don’t let your voice be silenced, which is why people peacefully protesting Trump is a good thing. Obama haters were the verbal thorn in his side. And that is exactly what Donald Trump and the Republican Party deserve and should get because they abandoned civil discourse ages ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I want America to succeed.

However, Trump doesn’t deserve a chance because he’s already proven who he is-someone who degrades America and will bring the country backwards.

And that’s why emphasizing that we are all Americans and should rally together is naïve.

Saying such a thing covers up the issue of how our country’s future is at stake since Republicans have a dangerous vision. Donald Trump is the closest thing America has seen that resembles Fascism. And it isn’t name calling if it’s true since America already got a glimpse of Trump’s hate and bullying (which was too much).
Ultimately, all hope is not lost. Hillary won the popular vote (which proves the election was just close and not a mandate despite what fallacies Republicans will perpetuate).

The Electoral College should honor that and overturn the election (people can read about that point at this website for more information). And the Electoral College should go if it doesn’t do that because it’s a symbol of tyranny. A candidate shouldn’t lose an election if he or she gets the popular vote. This is twice now that’s it happened in less than 20 years (2000 anyone?).

The reality is, America should not be degraded because of impulsive voting.

At best Donald Trump is a phony, which his “victory” speech proves since he actually said nice things about Hillary Clinton (that she worked hard during the campaign and should be thanked for her service to America). Doing so might have showed politeness. But it still reinforces how Trump cannot be trusted because he will say and do anything to feed his ambitions.

Although don’t just take my word for how Trump would be disastrous for the United States.

Take his own words.

This is the same man that claims climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese, and then later said he was kidding when confronted about the comment. Well, presidents don’t always get a redo during a crisis, which is something Trump hasn’t learned and exemplifies why he’s unfit to be president. Thinking climate change is a Chinese hoax also reinforces how Trump and his supporters don’t care about facts.

And you know what? I’m not amused by Trump’s antics since it’s no longer a laughing matter. A Trump presidency is now an unfair reality.

And to people who think Nazi Germany Fascism could never happen in America, they’re wrong. Wake up America. Go to social media and see how people have already been victims of hate (like homophobia, sexism, and islamophobia). The reality is, atrocities don’t start overnight. They start slowly by allowing hate to fester before it becomes a snowball rolling down the hill. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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