5 Ways To Stay Happy On Facebook

Flickr / mkhmarketing
Flickr / mkhmarketing

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve logged onto Facebook and gotten annoyed at something on there within moments. Don’t lie—it’s happened to you, too. So I’ve come up with 5 ways to stay happy on Facebook.

Let’s be real—you just aren’t ready to get rid of it completely quite yet.

1. Reduce the number of “friends” you have.

I have recently created a new Facebook account after coming to the realization that I really don’t care about 3/4ths of the things going on in all of my “friends’” lives. Okay, obviously they aren’t all your friends. The majority of them are those old group members/coworkers you worked with, parents (your own or someone else’s) being creepy, those people in high school you never talked to before and still don’t, and granted, a bunch of acquaintances that only add you because they want to stalk your photos. We’ve all been there, but it is unproductive, and most of all, it creates drama. Just because you aren’t friends with someone on Facebook doesn’t mean you hate them. And if they really are friendly people, they will get over it.

2. Utilize it to truly network.

For those who are a little new with social media, it is a powerful tool to network. All you 20-somethings should already know this. Even if you hate social media, social networking is the best way to grow your career.

3. Remember the actual purpose of Facebook.

Before it was all about stalking your crush, and their entire life, Facebook had a bit more of a purpose. Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was to help “build and maintain relationships.” He didn’t say, “o to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s page, find all their exes, ask them why they are still friends with them, and question every single computer trail they left for you to analyze.”

Which leads me to my fourth way for you to stay happy…

4. Unless you are still somehow friends–and I mean really friends—with your ex, delete them, like, now.

This is especially true for all you newly single folks. You’ll never get over them if they keep popping up on your newsfeed. No matter the number of times you say you are over them, you aren’t, because you are still checking their every move. You stalk the newest relationship they are in and start asking yourself, “Are they hotter than me? Happier?” You broke up to get time away from each other, which means time apart from their social media, too.

5. Realize it’s not all about the likes or comments you get.

Facebook is great for bragging to your friends every now and then. But when you subconsciously start looking for ways to get the most likes or comments, you should probably at this point just delete social media altogether. People get caught up in looking for ways to feel good about themselves. Yes, everyone wants to feel awesome, but sometimes it gets out of control. Be humble and understand that your real friends will love you whether your posts are boring or the best thing in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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