This TikTok Is Fricken Nuts (Creepy)

I spent most nights of my youth in parked cars in abandoned parking lots catching up with friends. There wasn’t a whole lot for teenagers to do in my town, so it was pretty normal to just find a place to park with one friend or a whole crew. The habit has lasted into adulthood where I’ve spent many, many breaks from jobs sitting in my car passing the time with just myself and my phone or listening to music.

Like many little quirks and habits I might be embarrassed to tell others, becoming a TikTok viewer has made me realize this is a pretty common pasttime for most people — especially introverts. Unfortunately along with that information came a deluge of “I was sitting in my car in an abandoned parking lot” horror stories. Some of these have been creepy enough that I’m reconsidering the practice, even in the daylight.

In particular, this TikTok about a guy sitting in his car at night when another vehicle pulls up next to him is fricken nuts:


#fyp #robbery #attempted

♬ original sound – Zzzz

In the video, the guy in the original car we see in the parking lot narrates as a vehicle he doesn’t know approaches him in the empty parking lot and parks right next to him. The man in the car proceeds to immediately exit his vehicle and walk over to the narrator’s car. Then, he tries to open the passenger door!!! 😱

Luckily the narrator’s doors were locked and he is able to safely drive away. Take this as a warning people!!! If you’re sitting in a parking lot, make sure your doors are locked. And if someone is creepy enough to not give you personal space and park right next to you, assume they are a murderer and run.

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