Horror Movies Streaming This Weekend (7/17-7/19)

Hi Creepy Crawlers,

Here’s what’s on deck for a spooky weekend of streaming (7/17):

Into the Dark: The Current Occupant (Hulu): Hulu’s Into the Dark series is their answer to Netflix’s Black Mirror. The episodes are an anthology series — each episode is a self contained story, and the episodes are the length of a feature film. It has been pretty good as far as direct to streaming movies go. I’ve especially liked the sinister take on Christian purity culture in Pure and the gay slasher movie Midnight Kiss

The Current Occupant will be a twisty turny thriller about a man who thinks he is the president of the United States who awakens in an especially creepy mental ward. It feels like Shutter Island meets The Purge

Streaming on: Hulu.

Hollow Man (Prime): If you’ve seen this year’s The Invisible Man you might be ready to continue to explore the invisibility-as-horror-genre with 2000’s Hollow Man. Kevin Bacon stars as a scientist whose discovery of invisibility goes to his head. A fun fact about both of these movies is that they star a woman named Elisabeth with an “S” (that’s Shue and Moss, respectively). 

Streaming on: Prime.

Hollow Man

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Netflix): This Netflix doc fits the bill not only because it’s true crime, but because it’s filled with actual horror in the man of Jeffrey Epstein, enacting evil in plain sight. The four part series was researched and written in alocked room with cameras and a safe to hold materials.” You will be looking over your shoulder and viewing power and wealth a lot differently.

Streaming on: Netflix.


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Well be back with more horror movie recommendations next week along with some of our favorite products for creating the perfect creepy n cozy watch experience. Stay spooky and happy streaming!

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