Interesting Facts About Bears

Daniella Urdinlaz

1. There are only three (3) differences between bear and human DNA.

2. Bears come in four colors: white, brown, grey, and tan. The color signifies which time of year the bear was born in.

3. Because of a shortage of people willing to take on the extensive schooling required to study bears, in many cities bear scientists ride the bus for free.

4. All bears are gluten free.

5. Smokey the Bear is based on a historical bear who would roll around in campfires in order to put the fires out and stop them from spreading. Later, it was discovered that Smokey was immortal.

6. The average bear lives for 84 years.

7. Bears love to be shown depression memes on your iPhone. No human has ever been attacked by a human after showing them a depression meme.

8. The first bear in space was named “Gizmo”.

9. The first bear to learn American Sign Language (ASL) played Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker (off-broadway).

10. Some bears hibernate for as many as 27 years.

11. The most common name for a male bear is “Chad”, for a female bear it is “Sharon”.

12. Bears hate the smell of rain.

13. Bears can technically vote in presidential elections, but since they can’t hold a pen in their hands, no bear has ever voted.

14. Most bears don’t actually like Winnie the Pooh.

15. Only three real bears have ever been shown on television. Because of their private nature, bears generally aren’t willing to be filmed and videographers use images of the same bears over and over.

16. Recording artist Ryan Cabrera holds private concerts for bears in the Alaskan wilderness.

17. According to European mythology, if you have a dream about a bear it’s an omen that you will make a new friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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