Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Would Murder You

American Psycho
American Psycho

Aries: Take you deep sea diving and feed you to a shark.

Taurus: Let a snake bite you and then watch you slowly die.

Gemini: “Forget” to turn the oven off, burn the house down with you inside, no one believes they’d do it on purpose.

Cancer: Smother you with a pillow and then live with your taxidermied body for years like in ‘Psycho’.

Leo: Poison you and write a best-selling book about their “tragic” life, make millions.

Virgo: Stab you with an icicle, collect your life insurance, never get caught because they are planning geniuses.

Libra: Convince someone else to kill you, let them get busted, never speak to them again.

Scorpio: Stab you just to show you who’s boss. Scorpios always get the last word.

Sagittarius: Beat you up with their bare hands because you insulted their friend.

Capricorn: Stab you to death while they smile creepily and sip tea.

Aquarius: Convince you to drink poison Kool-aid after you join their cult.

Pisces: Drain your blood and use it to paint a masterpiece. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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