30 ‘Seemingly Innocent’ Texts That Will Make Your Man Want You ASAP

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Look Catalog

1. “You inspired a very interesting dream last night.”

2. “I just had a fun idea for what we can do later tonight.”

3. “I noticed that one of my pillows still smelled like you today. You have no idea how crazy that drives me.”

4. “I’m totally craving some time with you right now.”

5. “Do you want to go to dinner tonight? Or do you think we could have more fun if we stayed in?”

6. “I wore a surprise for you to work today.”

7. “Work is stressful today. Can we blow off some steam tonight?”

8. “I want to start the night by kissing you, but I won’t tell you how I want it to end.”

9. “Don’t worry about wearing a nice outfit tonight. You won’t need it.”

10. “I had the best dream about you last night.”

11. “I’m so excited for you to sleep over tonight.”

12. “All I want you to do tonight is lie back and relax, I’ve got some stuff planned.”

13. “You make it impossible for me to focus on work.”

14. “Just thinking about you makes my whole body feel good.”

15. “Guess what I’ve been daydreaming about all day?”

16. “What are you doing to me?”

17. “I miss the way your arms feel when they’re around me.”

18. “Hope you’re well-rested for hanging out tonight.”

19. “Do you think my boobs are too big to not wear a bra?”

20. “Just hearing you say my name does crazy things to me.”

21. “All I’ve thought about all day is your mouth.”

22. “Just so you know, I’m usually much better behaved.”

23. “Have I ever told you about this weird fantasy I have?”

24. “Come home so I can show you what I just read in Cosmo.”

25. “I want to show you how much I love you.”

26. “I bought something fun for us. You’ll see.”

27. “I just realized the panties I wore today are see through. I know you won’t let them go to waste.”

28. “I love it when my roommate’s gone because I never have to wear clothes.”

29. “What should I wear when I come over tonight?”

30. “I love the way you kiss me goodbye… but it always makes me crave more.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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