17 Men On What They Thought Was Physically Attractive In Their 20’s Vs. In Their 30’s

One of the biggest worries I had about growing up was the way dating was supposed to change from fun and easy to ??? something harder. But there’s actually a huge relief to dating more mature people, and what I look for has totally changed, I assumed this must be experienced by both genders. Over on r/AskMen guys talked about how what they seek out has changed over time.

11. Someone who accepts me

“Ideally Some one who is kind and genuine. Adventurous but willing to cuddle. Not self-obsorbed or obsessed with always looking perfect. Cute, not hot, Petite, good butt, small boobs, brunette preferably. Someone who accepts me for me is the most attractive.”

12. I like normal women, vs “model” women

“At 25, I find that I’m attracted to “normal” women. Looks don’t really factor into my attraction to a particular woman except maybe a pretty smile or beautiful eyes. Rather, I’m attracted to maturity, intelligence, but also a thirst or ambition to make the most out of their life.

When I was younger, I was really into the type of pretty girls you’d only meet in movies or something.”

13. Everything but character is negotiable

“When I was younger my ‘ideal’ was the typical shallow stuff you would expect: mostly based around physical attraction with a tiny bit of personality stuff sprinkled in so you do not feel like a complete asshole.

Now that I am older I have come to realize that the only things that truly matter are: her character (ethics/morals), shared goals (career, family, relationship, etc), and her commitment to being the best version of herself she can be.

Everything else is negotiable.”


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