17 Men On What They Thought Was Physically Attractive In Their 20’s Vs. In Their 30’s

One of the biggest worries I had about growing up was the way dating was supposed to change from fun and easy to ??? something harder. But there’s actually a huge relief to dating more mature people, and what I look for has totally changed, I assumed this must be experienced by both genders. Over on r/AskMen guys talked about how what they seek out has changed over time.

8. Intelligence is the main thing now

“Intelligent is the main thing now, whereas before it wasn’t a straight up requirement. So when my girlfriend came down the stairs in pajamas and messy hair all excited that LIGO confirmed gravitational waves, it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen – also watching the SpaceX launch last year.

Looks-wise, my main requirement is thin (being skinny myself), other than that, either I’m fair game or it’s really hard to describe attraction or lack of it. But there’s certain things I still particularly like such as curly hair.

It used to be that I greatly favored taller stature and fair skin, but as I got older my tastes became a lot more diverse. One thing that hasn’t changed is that smirks are my all-time weak spot. Dormer Smirk.

Getting into the territory of quirks, I’ve always thought seeing someone concentrate on something is really sexy.

I love how my girlfriend’s hair falls mostly on one side of her head, which kind of makes it look like a mane. Also, she sometimes snort-laughs and then blushes afterwards.

And I just love when someone couldn’t care less about what they’re wearing – even if it looks bad – the sheer defiance makes it sexy. I guess my quirk preferences didn’t change from back then, I just added more to the list.”

9. I’m less specific with what I want

“I’m less obsessed with huge tits and have accepted that I’m not gonna get a redhead.

Otherwise smart, well grounded, a complete sex fiend for me and my dick, pretty, a nice body, kind, patient, able to be silly with me, and not prone to buying into societal bullshit have largely remained the same.

10. I look for oral hygiene

“I really just like someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and someone I can get along with well. I don’t care whether or not we have the same interests, as I find that when your with someone who has different interests it helps you try new things which is fun. looks wise besides basic things like personal hygiene, the only real thing that I look for is someone who takes care of their fucking mouth. so many people my age (18-early twenties) don’t give a fuck about brushing their teeth and it’s honestly disgusting to me. (although this comes from someone who flosses 2x a day so I might be an outlier). also I like the less is more approach some women take to makeup.”


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