17 Men On What They Desperately Want A Woman To Moan In Bed


1. “It’s so simple, but every time we are doing anything remotely sexual and she says my name, it drive me crazy. Just hearing her in an aroused state and confirming it’s me that’s putting her there is so hot.” — Justin, 25

2. “For me, it’s whatever she wouldn’t say under normal circumstances. If a girl loves dirty talk, that’s cool, but there’s such a sexy quality about knowing its a spontaneous event. Like, if she’d normally be embarrassed by that but she’s so turned on at the moment she can’t help herself. That’s when I know I’m doing a really good job and she’s enjoying herself.” — Brad, 30

3. “Just say fuck a lot, especially if you don’t usually swear. Sex makes that word so much hotter.” — James, 28

4. “She doesn’t have to say anything if she’s moaning loudly. It’s so hot to watch a woman moaning and writhing because you’re fucking her. One of the best parts of sex.” — John, 35

5. “I tend to like classy, conservative girls, so something simple but dirty like ‘you feel so good inside me’ is perfect.” — Peter, 20

6. “I love when my girlfriend tells me what to do. It’s so goddamn sexy to hear her order me around. She’ll tell me how to finger her during foreplay or to fuck her harder or to flip her over, it’s super sexy” — Jim, 32

7. “Once when I was fucking a girl she started playing with her nipples and she made eye contact with me and said ‘see what you do to me?’ So hot.” — Jonathan, 24

8. “When I hit the right spot my girlfriend goes crazy moaning and saying ‘oh my god’ or ‘yessss’. I eat that shit up.” — Ben, 27

9. “I’m a dominant guy, so things like ‘harder’ and ‘fuck me’ get me going.” — Morgan, 29

10. “When a girl is really theatrical and moaning, I get anxious about whether she is faking it. But there’s a different kind of moan a girl does when she’s genuinely enjoying herself. It’s less practiced. It’s dirty and raw.” — Mike, 23

11. “Please cum inside me.” — Andy, 22

12. “Once a girl literally begged me to cum on her face while I was fucking her. I didn’t last 60 seconds after that.” — Stephen, 29

13. “I like it when a girl just says little things that would make it hot for her. That’s real. Like “just a little bit deeper/harder” and then I can make that adjustment and know I’m really pleasing her.” — Alex, 27

14. “A nice reaction when a woman initially sees my cock is the best. A little smirk or a “you have a nice cock” makes me feel amazing” — — Mark, 33

15. “I watch a lot of porn and I’ve been with a lot of women, so it takes something totally unique to shock me into that next level orgasm.” — Jason, 28

16. “You’re going to make me cum again.” — Kevin, 27

17. “It’s simple but, “fuck me” with big puppy dog eyes during foreplay makes me super hard.” — Aaron, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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