30 PG-13 Text Messages That Are Way Sexier Than Straight Up Sexting


1. “I’m in bed thinking about you.”

2. “I can’t stop thinking about your tongue inside my mouth.”

3. “You make me feel so naughty.”

4. “I miss the way your lips feel around mine.”

5. “I can’t believe how much you’ve made my mind wander today…”

6. “Your body is perfect.”

7. “What color are your boxers today?”

8. “Just so you know, no has ever turned me on like this.”

9. “I was thinking about you in bed earlier. You made me make such a mess.”

10. “I’m all wound up thinking about you. Any ideas for a release?”

11. “Have I ever told you that I like to be spanked?”

12. “Come home so I can kiss your neck.”

13. “Remind me why you’re not underneath me right now?”

14. “I can’t focus on work today. I keep thinking about the other night.”

15. “I’m so stressed out, can you help me unwind later? In the fun way.”

16. “I’m going to wear something low cut when we hang out tomorrow so you have to stare at my cleavage all day and know you can’t do anything about it until later.”

17. “When I see you tonight, where do you want me to kiss you first?”

18. “I just washed my sheets. Can’t wait to make them dirty again.”

19. “Hearing your voice always turns me on.”

20. “I wish you knew how bad I’m missing your mouth right now.”

21. “Thinking about seeing you later is filling my head with dirty thoughts.”

22. “I’m really craving your hands on my body right now.”

23. “Your body drives me crazy.”

24. “Let’s skip dinner and have fun at home instead.”

25. “Wear sweats when you come over tonight. Nothing underneath.”

26. “I’ve been such a good girl today I think I deserve to have some fun tonight.”

27. “I want to do bad things to you.”

28. “I don’t care what movie we stream tonight because my goal is not to actually watch any of it.”

29. “The only thing getting me through this day are all the fun ways you can relieve my stress later.”

30. “My mouth misses you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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