17 Things That Happen When You’re Finally Dating A Man Who Knows How To Love

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

1. You know exactly how they feel about you. Immature men (and women, to be fair) leave you wondering how they feel. They’re afraid of the moment they have to be vulnerable and say “Hey, I really like you” because there’s a chance you might not say it back. When someone is ready to love, that uncertainty seems like a small price to pay.

2. They plan dates with you. Every single person on this earth is “busy”. “Busy” is not an excuse. If you love someone, if you want love in your life, you prioritize the person you are with. You invest your resources (time, money, energy) into the thing you care about building.

3. He doesn’t put you down, even jokingly. People who are insecure play fight because they feel they are in competition with other people — they need someone else to be less so they can feel like they are more. When you’re ready to love someone, you see them as your partner. You want to build them up.

4. He cares about your family. A guy who doesn’t see a future with you won’t invest in getting to know your family. If he does meet them, it’s just something he has to do in order to make you happy so he doesn’t have to be alone for the foreseeable future. When he starts asking about family events of his own volition — he knows what is required when you spend your life with someone and he’s willing to do it.

5. He’s worried about his future, and working on making it the best it can be. When you are ready to love someone, you put away childish things that stand between you and giving your partner the best life you can. You’ll see this in small ways: they start learning how to cook instead of hitting the drive thru for every meal, they do laundry instead of letting it pile up — and in long term thinking: they get better about saving money, they think seriously about their future career prospects.

6. He touches you every day. People express love in different ways but when someone is ready for love, they touch their beloved. They want that physical bond to grow. They want the people around them to see their bond. They even just want the simple pleasure of feeling their loved one’s skin.

7. His actions match his words. When he says he’ll be there, he’ll be there. He not only tells you how he feels about you, but you can also see through his actions that this is the case. There’s no question that he might simply be flattering you.

8. He isn’t afraid to have tough conversations with you. Immature men will make you feel like every conversation is the end of the world — like you are the most unchill, dramatic woman in the world for wanting to see if you’re on the same page. Men who are ready to love want to talk to you, they understand that communication is the most important factor in a healthy relationship and have the patience to work through issues so that you can move forward together.

9. They don’t leave cryptic messages for you on social media. You don’t feel the urge to search their feed to see what kind of mood they’re in or if you see a hint of another girl.

10. They also don’t hide you. They’re ready for a casual couple-y Insta shot to drop, if the Occassion arises.

11. Sex is about more than just sex. With them, sex is a time to reconnect with each other. You’re not (always) just getting each other off, you’re expressing affection and devotion to each other.

12. He’s happy for your successes. When things are going well at work, he doesn’t feel emasculated or competitive. He’s happy when you’re happy.

13. They love doing little favors for you. They pick you up from the airport. They’re the one you call when you get in a car accident or have a flat tire — and they don’t act like it’s some big chore. They like being the person you go to when you need support in life.

14. They consistently express to you that they like you. With words. They enjoy complimenting you because they can see that it makes you feel good.

15. They make you feel confident around them. You don’t have to put on a ton of makeup if you’re just going over to watch Netflix. You enjoy having sex with the lights on. They make you feel good about being you so you’re totally comfortable being just that.

16. They go down on you. Or, if that’s not their thing, they’re equally willing for oral sex to not be your thing, either.

17. Your mom likes them. Like, really likes them and has this weird glow/smile when you talk about them — not just “likes” them because she’s being polite and supporting you in your life decisions. It’s crazy how they always seem to know… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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