Do You Really Even Love Coffee If You Don’t Have To Go To The Hospital For A “Drug Overdose” Because You Drank Too Much?

When musician Dave Grohl had to go to the hospital in 2010 for drinking to much coffee everyone thought it was a joke, or at least, a cover for whatever reason he really went there.

You really can love coffee too much though and as you can see below, his addiction was a bit out of control — The band clarifies, “for reals, he was kind of a mess.” While keeping up with the workload of being in two bands during the day while also having a newborn at home Grohl upped his caffeine habit to upwards of 5 pots a day. Eventually he developed chest pains so he went to the hospital and they told him he had to cut back.

Here’s a video of exactly how messed up you have to be on coffee before you get sent to the hospital. If you’re not screaming “FRESH POTS” and dancing, you’re probably fine?


h/t Metro

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