10 Reasons Everyone Needs A Friend Who’s A Nurse


1. Medical advice. Not to be too #real but not all of us have health insurance. A nurse BFF can help us figure out how serious our injury or cold is — and whether we need to shell out those precious out of pocket dollars for treatment.

2. Because we’re all trying to be Real Grownups so sometimes it’s nice to be around that mama bear energy all nurses seem to have. They’re the kind of person that knows exactly when you need a hug and exactly when you need someone to enforce tough love.

3. If left to our own devices, we’ll complain about our cushy office jobs. Listening to my nurse friends talk about the shit that happens to them on a regular basis keeps things in perspective. I might deal with a big ego here and there but no one’s bodily fluids are coming in contact with me.

4. When you have a dinner party, there’s no better guest to invite if you want to hear stories about other people’s stupidity. Everyone at the table will feel like a genius in some of the insane people you meet in the ER.

5. If you’re into horror movies, they’re the perfect partner. They’ve never been the squeamish type and they’ve gotten over the sight of blood long ago.

6. They are also the perfect person to consult when you have to lie through your teeth to someone. Nurses have to be pleasant to difficult people all the time — they know the art of being able to bite your tongue even when the thought of giving someone a piece of your mind is soooo tempting.

7. They are on par with your lawyer friend in terms of who you bring with when you need to haggle or negotiate something.

8. They will call you out on your bullshit. They aren’t the type of friend who lets you complain about your boyfriend for the 10th time in a row without putting it back on you that you haven’t brought the problem up to him. Nurses can only do their job well if they’re good at detecting when people are evading the truth or not being honest with themselves, they don’t leave this ability at the hospital.

9. Free flu shots! (Not sure this is entirely legal, but it IS very convenient to have them brought to you).

10. If you’re ever in a crisis situation, no one can more calmly get you out of it than a friend who is a nurse. Other people’s panic no longer affects them. They just figure out what the solution should be and execute it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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