Woman Who Still Breastfeeds 12-Year-Old Son Gives Radio Interview

Self-proclaimed “fun mom” Nicole Mullen’s recent article, I’m One Of Those Moms That’s Breastfeeding Her Kid Through Puberty, went viral. Today, Bayou 95.7 in New Orleans interviewed her about the controversy of publicly breastfeeding her 12-year-old son.

The interview did not go well.

In the interview, Nicole explains why there was such a big backlash against her article:

The problem a lot of people had with what I wrote is that I used terms like ‘titty’ or ‘boob’. I used this language which is codified as sexual language. And when you cross over the barrier from something that’s sterile like ‘breast’ or as you said, ‘mammalia,’ earlier into something that’s more playful like ‘boob’ or ‘titty’ there’s some kind of problem with that. The woman shouldn’t be able to enjoy the experience of bonding with her child.

The host responds, “This is probably the reason that they have sharia law, because you would probably just be stoned…The Quran would say you are some kind of freak and they’d just throw rocks at you until you quit moving.”

The co-host adds, “A lot of people probably would.”

At that point, becoming aware that they’ve just bordered on making a death threat against a woman for daring to enjoy breastfeeding, they abruptly cut the interview short.

Here’s the interview. There’s a bit of irrelevant conversation before they introduce her, the interview starts at 1:45.


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