There’s A (Terrible) App That Will Disable Your Phone Until You Respond To Your Parent’s Texts


I love technology but there are times I am thankful we didn’t have more of what we have now when I was a kid. For instance, I think dealing with Facebook and Twitter and #teamfollowback would have been very difficult in middle school.

And then there was the joy of having a cell phone and ignoring your parents calls and texts when you don’t feel like talking to them or when you were in an “easier to apologize than ask permission” situation. I love texting and talking to my parents now, but in high school my freedom was limited and my time away from school or my parents was rare, so this new app would definitely be a blow to that relatively small amount of freedom.

Ignore No More works by connecting the parent’s phone to their kid’s phone. At any time the parent can enter a code that locks their kid’s phone from accessing other parts of their phone until they call someone on a list of contacts (decided by their parents) and receive a code to unlock their phone.

I wonder when needy people are going to figure out they can probably use this on their boyfriend/girlfriend? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Buzzfeed

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