Is Your House Haunted? Tell Us Your Story And We’ll Investigate It.

Paranormal Activty 4

This post is a call for submissions of sorts — I’ve been looking for a paranormal research group I can follow along with to live blog an investigation for Thought Catalog. I found a really solid group in Minneapolis/St. Paul and now I need a location, since generally the ones they investigate aren’t open to blogging about (for privacy reasons). That’s where you come in.

If you think your home or business or whatever is haunted, tell me about it. Describe what has been happening and for how long in detail and send it to

We won’t need to post your name or your address or even pictures of the outside of your house if you’re not interested in that, we’ll respect your privacy as much as you want. The group is a private paranormal investigation group, they’ll do an investigation and give you a copy of the evidence before doing a house cleansing to get rid of anything you don’t want around. You would be welcome to join in or at least stick around.

Do it! Tell me about your creepy attic ghost (I used to call mine “footy” because I only ever heard footsteps). If we get a bunch of responses we’ll pick the most interesting one (or one near the group) and put the others in touch with groups in their own area that can help. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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