15 Men Talk About Why They Catcall Women

I asked some random guys at a busy park over lunch if they ever do this — and why. I didn’t ask them “why do you catcall” because I figured they wouldn’t want to be associated with a negative term, I simply asked, “do you ever talk to or interact with women you don’t know on the street? Why?” Here’s what I found. (I decided not to include names.)


“I’ve never done this and I’ve never seen one of my friends do it. It’s gross.”


I don’t do it when I’m alone, but when I’m with a group of guys I feel pressured to do it. I want to impress them and seem like I talk to women all the time.


“I see a pretty lady, I tell her she’s pretty.”


“Because sometimes the girl is flattered and comes up and talks to me and we hang out.”


“I give her a compliment, it helps her feel good.”


“It’s about being a man and showing that you like women.”


“I appreciate the female body.”


“I’ve only done it when I’m drunk, like in the back of a taxi on my way home or something. At that point I’m just an asshole acting like an asshole. It’s not like I think the girl is going to come over and get in the taxi with me.”


“Girls usually smile when I give them a compliment while walking by. I like giving compliments.”


“I do it because if they smile then I know I’ve still got it.”


“It’s just something to do, women like it. Some act bitchy about it, but most of them like it.”


“Once a woman whistled at me from a passing car, I felt like a stud! But I’ll never do this to a woman, at least in front of anyone I might know.”


“Where else do you meet women?”


“I’ve met a lot of women this way. You know they’re friendly girls if they respond to you like that. I like friendly girls.”


“I always talk to strangers, men and women. I talk to everyone. If I see someone walking by that I want to get to know, I’m gonna stop them.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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