15 Brazilians Explain What Their Country Is Going Through Right Now

Reddit asked Brazilians how their country is coping with a humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany yesterday.

Hopefully this will lead to positive change

Not a Brazilian, but an American in Rio. It’s been crazy. Pregame, swarms of police were literally everywhere, fireworks as loud as bombs all around the city, everyone wearing Brazilian yellow and ready to party.

After the first goal it was silent for the first time all day.

By the third and fourth goals, the fireworks were being launched for Germany. The “ole’s” were all for the Germans too. It’s pretty common for South American teams to start cheering for the other team when theirs is getting it handed to them. Not as bandwagon fans, but as a sign of disapproval and disappointment towards their team.

Heavy rains after the game in Rio probably helped to keep some of the chaos off the streets but all in all everything’s been fine. The media reports about the country were all fucked, this place is safer than most of LA.

Anyway, now that they’re out of the competition, hopefully this loss will put some extra pressure on the government to spend the necessary money in the favelas rather than on making the rich, richer.

Everyone is devastated

Writing this from a “watch the game party”. The children are crying, the adults were yelling and now in a state of mourning. Everybody is pissed off, not at Germany, but at themselves. Imagine how a Japanese Samurai would feel after losing.

“Now we have nothing.”



Welll as as Brazilian, I opened up a bottle of whisky and I’m currenltly drunk.

Public crying

I’m an Australian here in Brazil. People were crying at the bar I was at, everyone had their mouths hanging open. I’ve never seen Brazilians so dejected.

Then again, I came home to a nice family dinner and we played with their pet dogs and the kids are laughing and watching a movie. Its not end of the world.

It depends…

When Brazil loses, we cry for 15 minutes. Then we split in three groups:

one group, the minority, gets very mad and break things.

other group, considerable size, keep angry and say they KNEW it was bullshit we couldnt win, we should have invested the money of stadium in education, claim the president to resign

and the majority just dont care and live their lives.

And here I am, having my beer and watching a movie.

We still party

I was surprised there were people still partying, of course not with the same enthusiasm but they were dancing, popping fireworks and drinking anyway… Facebook is crowded with jokes about the match as well. To a soccer obsessed country, Brazil is handling it pretty well.

The rioting rumors are false

I am visiting Belo Horizonte and after the game a video Agency called offering me some freelance work saying there were riots in the “celebration” area. I went to the area and there was a huge party, Brazilians dancing with Germans, and any other nationality. The editor called asking how was the “riots” footage and I told him about the party. They were very disappointed and decided not to push the item.

I can laugh about it

I was laughing throughout the whole game and just screaming at the TV about what I would do differently if I were the coach.

But you know… we Brazilians had high hopes but deep down… we knew that the Brazilian team was not playing very well. And that it got that far ’cause they played against teams that weren’t very good. Our coach is a stubborn old man that cannot ever change tactics to try to reverse the game, or even just make a substitution in order to inject some new stemina into the match. He has a huge ego and was blinded by it. “Oh Fred is not doing anything? Hulk cannot complete one pass? I chose them and they’re staying!” Seems stupid, but that’s what it was. Our defense was very good (except for today of course) but our strikers were RI-DI-CU-LOUS. As soon as Neymar was gone, who was the dude who actually made the others fear Brazil a little bit… we were doomed.

I’m glad we can focus on our country now

I feel soo good. Not that i enjoyed our team losing, but that the people who live in here can now take a breath and think better on the upcomming election. If we had won, most of the brazillians would be blinded by that useless title and would make wrong choices, as usual. I think that sometimes you gotta take 1 step back in order to do 2 steps foward.BTW, i will cheer for germany on the finals =)

I’m laughing

I’m Brazilian. I started laughing at the second goal, didn’t stop until the 4th goal. And laughed hysterically throughout the whole game – because of the fucking game, of course, and all the jokes that my brazilian friends were posting on facebook. I wasn’t really pissed, disappointed would be more accurate. But it’s just a game, let’s laugh at all the amazing jokes and gifs! ;)

It was a good day

I live some 3 km from the stadium in Belo Horizonte. Well, before the game I was mowing the lawn, then studied a bit for my residency entrance by year’s end (hopefully), during the game I bathed the baby, by the end she was finishing her dinner, and everything went better than expected with the absence of fireworks. Continued to study until a few minutes ago and now wife and kids are asleep and I’m browsing reddit for a little in my “Me Hour”. Today was a good day! I don’t give a single fuck about soccer and the best outcome from this is that people will at least return discussing politics since we have an upcoming election. Maybe in a few centuries, with a lot of hard work we can have a better country…

I’m glad we lost

Southern Brazilian with German descent here.

I’m celebrating. This whole shit is hilarious.

All that money stolen by corrupt politicians and Fifa, just to end in this shitfest. I’m savoring the sweet tears.

Maybe then Brazilians can learn to be patriotic more than once every four years. And for once learn that hard work, technique and pure effort beats any “jeitinho” they can trow at a problem.

Also the possibility of it hurting thundercunt dilma’s reelection is the icing on the shitcake.

We are just mourning quietly

ITT: Non-Brazilians expecting riots, very few Brazilians posting. Amazing how foreigners just expect Brazil to erupt into caos based on whatever preconception they have of Latin-american soccer…

Seriously, most of us Brazilians are just staying at home in a spirit of mourning. This is a time of great sadness and reflection. A historic defeat not just for the Seleção, but for Brazilian soccer. The general perception is that the game was more of a meltdown of the Brazilian team, and above all, TERRIBLE management by the Scollari and the rest of the staff. Everyone is expecting to wake up from a nightmare.

You have to understand that Brazil was playing terrible, and without neymar we didn’t expect much… But this… This is tragic. “Na cara não para não estragar o velório”.

People are sad, but mostly united, and recovering. The World Cup will go on, life will go on as normal (especially after Sunday), and hopefully this will help Brasil renovate their national squad (ESPECIALLY the management) and help Brazilians choose heroes outside of soccer.


Silence. Complete and utter silence. That’s all I hear after the disaster that was today. 5 hours ago, as I write this, sirens and fireworks and people chanting were the soundtrack of the streets. Now, only rain. No more songs, no more “booms”, no more anything. Just the noise of rain hitting the sidewalk.

Me, as many other brazilians, still do not understand what happened today. Was it the fact that Neymar and Thiago Silva were not playing? Was it the pressure the Brazilian team had to face? Was it Germany that learned how to play against Brazil effectively? Was it that Germany had a better team? Was it that Felipão made mistakes by putting Fred in the starting 11?

For me? Today was atypical day, everyone failed. Here in Brazil, news media have the custom of blaming a single individual, or two, for the whole defeat. In 2006 it was Roberto Carlos for not marking Thierry Henry, in 2010 it was Julio Cesar and Felipe Melo for miscommunicating in the first goal by the Netherlands. But today, we have no one to blame. Should we blame Zuniga for the challenge vs Colombia that led to Neymar being cut of the Cup? Should we blame Silva for getting that stupid yellow card? Or should we blame Felipão for being stubborn in his tactics? I don’t know, and I don’t care.
All I care about is that Brazil had the chance of “winning” the Cup off the field by providing state of the art stadiums and airports by showing the World we were capable of achieving such things. And we didn’t. And today we lost the chance of winning our 6th star above our crest, at least that would’ve been something to be proud of. What can we do from now on?

I guess all we have to do is learn from this experience. Learn from our mistakes. Learn not to put that much faith on a team. Learn that the Cup is won inside the pitch with 11 players, united and not by singing an Anthem till our throats hurt.

I am proud of being a Brazilian, and proud of this team and all they have done. I hope that we will come stronger next time.

I just know that, 60 years from now, when my kids, or grandkids, ask me about what happened on the 8th of July of 2014, I hope I will have found an answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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