25 Qualities That Make People Instantly Like You

Today someone asked Reddit users, “What makes you like a person instantly?” Here are 25 of the best answers.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

1. They are welcoming.

When you meet a new group of people (like you SO’s friends who you have not met before) and one person makes you feel welcome and part of the group. They don’t have to make that effort so I really appreciate it.

2. They make me feel good.

Honestly? When they laugh at my jokes.

3. They are generous.

When I see them offer to do someone a favor without the promise of a reward/exchange. Something small like getting up to get a glass of water and asking if anyone else wants a glass.

4. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

How they react when accidentally tripping on the steps/running into a door, whether or not they think someone saw. It can say a lot plus it just makes me chuckle.

5. They aren’t fake.

Being genuine. It’s sort of a hard thing to identify immediately, but once I find that they’re exactly who they seem to be I really enjoy being around that person.

6. They are openminded.

When they’re able to still be friends with someone despite political or philosophical disagreements. I had a long and heated debate about language laws, then got invited to a barbecue. That’s the type of person I want to spend my time with. Reasonable minds differ.

7. They aren’t super serious.

If they’re laid-back and easygoing. It’s fun to hang out with people who can kinda just relax and take things in stride. Not everything has to be so serious all the time.

8. They have good manners.

Anybody who’s polite and has manners. Maybe that’s why I like British villains so much. I usually root for them over the Hero.

9. They have a great laugh.

Infectious laugh, if they smile a lot, and take a genuine interest in other people…basically if they come across as a positive person , its lovely to be around someone like that!

10. Having a great imagination.

Being able to formulate and expand upon bizarre hypothetical scenarios. It’s my favorite kind of conversation really.

11. They are decisive.

When we both approach a 4-way stop at approximately the same time, and he/she realizes they got there a micro second earlier and just goes, instead of trying to wave me through.

12. They hate all the same things you do.

Mutual hate for something. It can be a better connection than anything else.

13. They’re smiling.

To be honest, if a person greets me with a big happy smile, I immediately like them 10 times more than someone who greets me without eye contact/looking bored.

14. Be female.

If I’m being honest here? I like pretty girls almost instantly. For me to stop liking them they have to prove their lack of worth.

15. When they offer me a drink.

When I meet someone for the first time at a party situation where I don’t know many people and someone offers me a beer. That’s a good start.

Add a few movie references to the conversation and I’m like ‘Did we just become best friends?’

16. They’re a good listener.

When they listen and are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

17. They share things.

Sharing goes a long way with me. Like when someone offers me a bite from their plate or a sip of their drink, instantly warm up to them.

18. We have a niche interest in common.

If they like Tim and Eric. It’s a very distinct type of humor that if people understand, or like then I know they’ll understand my humor (which isn’t weird like Tim and Eric, but still) and most likely I will like theirs. Never met a Tim and Eric fan I couldn’t agree with.

19. They love children.

When the sight of little kids or dogs brings a smile to their face. It tells me they have a good heart.

20. They don’t need to fill quiet moments.

People who can appreciate silence.

There’s just something about being surrounded by people and not feeling pressured to make conversation that really puts me at ease.

Just me and a couple other friends sipping some coffee, people-watching, thinking, wondering, and basking in the sights and sounds without uttering a single word to one another.

I love it.

21. They make the first move.

When they spark up a conversation with me without me having to start it.

22. They are passionate about something.

When they have a lot to say or talk about. I’m not always a fan of carrying a conversation where someone seems uninterested or distracted.

23. They are kind to people who help them.

When they are nice and respectful towards service staff.

24. They use swear words.

Cursing. For some reason that makes me feel more comfortable like the person doesn’t worry too much about what to say.

25. They give a compliment.

If you compliment anything about me right off the bat I will instantly open up to you. It shows that me that you are a friendly outgoing person and don’t put yourself on a pedestal above everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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