There’s A Town In Russia Where People Are Having ‘Sleep Attacks’ That Last 6 Days, And No One Can Explain It

Does it look like this? splityarn
Does it look like this? splityarn

It’s being called an epidemic. Residents in and near Krasnogorsk, Russia complain of suddenly falling asleep, only to wake up up to six days later with no idea what happened.

Fearing radiation, they’ve done over 7,000 experiments on the local soil, but found nothing that could explain what is going on.

Here’s one account, according to The Daily Express:

Marina Felk, 50, a milkmaid in Kalachi, said: “I was milking cows, as usual, early in the morning, and fell asleep. I remember nothing at all, only that when I came round I was in a hospital ward, and the nurses smiled and me, and said: ‘Welcome back sleeping princess, you’ve finally woken up.

“What else do I remember? Nothing. I slept for two days and two nights.

“The women in my ward said that I tried to wake up several times, saying urgently needed to milk my cows”.

and another:

Alexey said: “In the morning, I wanted to finish my work. I switched on my laptop, opened the pages that I needed to finish reading – and that was it. It felt like somebody pressed a button to switch me off.

“I woke up in the hospital, with my wife and mother-in-law by my bedside. The doctor found nothing wrong with me after a series of tests he performed. I slept for more than 30 hours. But it never happened to me before, never in my life, or to anyone from my family.”

There’s isn’t a known chemical that causes sleep that lasts for this period of time, especially considering it affects some, but not all people in the area. One suggestion is that this may be a mass hysteria event, like penis panic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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