13 Foods People Think Are Healthy, Which Are Actually Terrible For You

Compiled from the nutri-philes at r/nutrition.

AKA Sugar Water

Vitamin Water.


Nutella. People actually sued them for “claiming to be healthy.” It’s called learning how to read a nutrition label and seeing that sugar is the first ingredient!

Way worse than butter

Low-fat hydrogenated margarine

“Low-fat” items

There are things like yogurt or salad dressing that are labelled low fat, then loaded with extra sugar to make up for taste, but low fat meats are surely good for you.

“Nutritious” candy bars

Nutri grain bars Or any snack individually wrapped for that matter.


flavored yogurts. Most of them have a whole lot of sugar.

Agave nectar

The stuff has an incredible amount of fructose in it, which apparently can trigger fructose malabsorption. I once switched to agave in my morning coffee as well, just to try it out, and I ended up getting TERRIBLE stomach pains every day that lasted for at least an hour. Just use regular ol’ sugar in your coffee, people!

“Wheat” bread

Multi-grain or wheat bread that makes you think it’s whole wheat, but actually uses refined grains (always check the first ingredient!).
Smoothies that you get at your local smoothie bar.


Basically just crushed up cookies.


Subway! I used to work there, the ingredient lists on all the meats are SO long. Also, it isn’t healthy if you have me squeeze half a bottle of light mayo on your footlong tuna sandwich (the recipe for aforementioned tuna is one pouch of tuna plus between half a bag and a full large bag of mayo, depending on who makes it).


salad smothered in ranch dressing.


Fucking oatmeal, man.

Flavored oatmeal is literally packed with sugar. Packed.

Now real rolled oatmeal is good stuff however.


Almost everything in a package and everything that has a health claim attached. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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