17 Struggles Of Being A Beauty Product Junkie


1. You have an opinion on Birchbox vs. Glossybox vs. Ipsy vs. Glambox and it pains you when people make the wrong choice.

2. Money. The sheer amount of money you spend on your favorite hobby. But people spend money on what makes them happy, right? And beauty is like an art project for adults.

3. As much as you love high end beauty products, you’ve never outgrown how fun and cheap drugstore products are. Why wouldn’t you try a new nail polish at eight bucks a pop? You’re one of the few people in the world that enjoys picking up a prescription because it means you get to shop for a new impulse beauty buy.

4. Your idea of a perfect sunday afternoon is to spend hours browsing at Sephora in complete leisure — nowhere to be, no shopping buddy that’s exhausted of trying on foundations. Just complete freedom to browse as long as you want to.

5. Your version of porn is — unfortunately — browsing the ‘Sephora haul‘ tag on Tumblr.

6. Your nail polish collection is legendary. It’s a box/basket you keep where your friends know they can find four different shades of nude and three different kinds of hot pink. One day, for fun, you loosely estimated it’s value. Never again.

7. You have to defend the Kardashians every time people around you are trashing them simply because they introduced you to the game changer that is contouring.

8. You can’t enter Sephora without spending >$70. It’s just impossible.

9. However, you can window shop online quite a bit because what’s a better way to nuke 2 hours in the middle of a remarkably boring workday than to compare the online reviews of YSL lipstick vs. Makeup Forever vs. NARS?

10. You know St. Tropez is the best self-tanner line, but the money you’ve spent on St. Tropez over the years could have funded an actual trip to St. Tropez.

11. The biggest mess in your bedroom/bathroom is all of your beauty products. You’ve come up with a bunch of cute ways to display them over the year, but they always end up scattered over every surface.

12. You want to use Instagram 8-10x more often than it is socially acceptable to use Instagram. But there’s so much cool stuff to document! New nail art, an eye look you just successfully tried from Pinterest, a lip shade you haven’t tried before that surprisingly looks amazing. You want to document each discovery, because it’s that exciting.

13. It’s shocking to you when you meet people who do not use primer.

14. Travel is extremely difficult. It’s hard to pick favorites and whittle what you want to bring down to a little quart size plastic bag of liquids and fit everything else in your bag. Chances are your junkie status doesn’t stop at beauty so you’re already cramming tons of shoes, heat tools, and outfit options into the suitcase as well.

15. You either have a very specific (and time consuming) skin care regimen or your skin underneath your makeup is kinda icky.

16. It’s very difficult to admit that your skin tone will never change. There are some shades of lipstick and some eye looks that you will just never be able to do, and the anxiety of missing out is definitely real.

17. Your purse is a graveyard of half-used lipsticks. RIP. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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