19 Parents Share What Their (Creepy) Kid Remembered About Their ‘Last’ Life

“Their screams are keeping me up”

I was in my room on the computer at about 11, which is late for my sister to be awake even now. I was thinking about bed, but then my sister knocks on the door. She was maybe 10 at the time, so not so young that she doesn’t know when she’s dreaming. She wanted to sleep in my room because she was sad and scared. I asked her why, and she said, “I watched your sons burn up in the fire. Their screams are keeping me up.”

Role reversal

My three year old said, “Remember when I was the grown-up and you were the little boy?” to his Dad.

When he was a grown up

My father used to hate policemen when he was a kid, he used to tell my grandmother that they came to his house and shot him when he was a grown up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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