11 Ways You Know Who The Mama Bear Of Your Life Is


1. They are always the person with food. They bring some insane snack off Pinterest to your super bowl party, teach you how to sneak food into the movie theater and always seem to have a Cliff bar in their bag when you mention you’re starving.

2. They are the person everyone flocks to for advice because they manage to strike the perfect balance between being truthful and being supportive. They also never make you feel like a burden when you ask, even if it’s the tenth time you’ve asked about the same thing. They truly like helping you out.

3. Social events seem to always take place at their apartment. Even when the event is at another location, you usually meet there first, it just seems natural.

4. They are fiercely protective. You’ve always known them as an exceptionally nice person but you’ve seen them lash out at someone who insulted a person they love — and it was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knows not to mess with their loved ones.

5. If you ever went to jail, you know who you would call. Not because they are a lawyer, but because they would know to google one and know whether you’d like your actual parents called or not.

6. They are the first one to text you on your birthday, unprompted.

7. They aren’t afraid to give unpopular advice when it’s needed. They will tell you you need to get up, stop sulking, and do something about the awful job, boyfriend, apartment, whatever you’ve been passively hating for way too long.

8. For whatever reason, they are the friend that is friends with your actual parents. There’s no reason for this, you just felt like the two of them should meet.

9. Most 20-somethings don’t keep so much as an asprin around their house, and yet, somehow this person has a full medicine cabinet filled with anything you could ever need: bandaids, Pepto, Tums, ace bandages… they probably have crutches somewhere too.

10. They’ve had “the talk” with your significant other. The one where they forcefully but gently, and in no uncertain terms, told them that if they hurt you, they die.

11. If it weren’t for them that “hey, we should all go up to my aunt’s cabin this summer” conversation would have been DOA. They are the one that emailed you about it the next day, helped get your aunt’s permission, and then started an email chain to get everyone to take off work and figure out who was going to bring what for snacks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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