‘Time’ Published A Fake Story About Me, Here’s How They Did It

I published a satirical article on Saturday like I always do. Lots of people thought I was tricked into publishing it. They thought this because they are used to reading media sites where the publisher would need to be tricked in order to post an article that essentially calls women dumb and slutty.

The original submission...letting me know the piece was satire before I even read it.
The original submission…it was always satire.

Hamilton Nolan ran an entertaining, though factually incorrect, story by Hamilton Nolan titled, “Gym Bro Successfully Gets Fake Feminist Thought Catalog Essay Published.”

Then, completely disinterested in original thought, Time ran a story by Eliana Dockterman titled “Thought Catalog Accidentally Publishes Fake Feminist Essay Jokingly Penned by Gym Bro.”

The Time reporter emailed Thought Catalog, but published the story before I could respond. They noted this in the end of the article: “We’ve reached out to Thought Catalog and will update if we hear back.” Here is your answer:

How fucking lazy are you?

First of all, the dudes at the Bodybuilding forum, thought they tricked us into publishing anti-feminist satire? What the hell? Do you read this website?

We have misogynistic content on the site all the time, particularly satirical stuff. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we would publish another essay bashing feminists. (And we also publish a lot of very pro-feminist content too. Go figure, the mission statement says we publish everything.)

Second, how could it be a mistake? We’re infamous for publishing everyone. If you email us enough times or are even moderately talented, you can be on here. It’s the point of the site.

Also, Eliana, you have nothing on Hamilton Nolan. Get your own beat and stop half-assedly ripping off his writing. You added nothing to the story. Do something better with your Yale degree than reposting a Gawker story.

Gymbros. You’re welcome to publish here anytime. Anyone is actually.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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