13 Things Dads Pretend They Hate (But Secretly Love)

Parks and Rec
Parks and Rec

1. When your car breaks down and they have to come help you change your tire or wait with you until the tow truck comes. It might be annoying to have to come help you out, but dads secretly love knowing they can be there for you and protect you when you need it.

2. Reminding you that if you are ever drunk at a party that they will come get you. It doesn’t matter that you’re no longer a teenager, or even underage, or that there’s a thing called a taxi service where you live now. Dads love to be put out by their kids.

3. When you bring your friends over. Your dad might pretend he’s annoyed that his house is infested by young-uns he’s secretly happy for the chance to meet your friends and try to hang out with them too while he tries to be the “cool dad.”

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4. When you call them out on their dad jokes. They might feign being offended, but telling a corny pun is a rite of passage for every dad.

5. When you bug them about eating healthier. Yes, it’s a bummer to be told not to eat bacon for every meal, but it feels sweet to raise kids that care about you and want you to be around forever.

6. Your boyfriend (if you are into dating boys.)

7. Taking selfies with you. He likes putting it on his Facebook just as much as you do.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

8. Watching cheeseball movies with you. He doesn’t want you to see his softer side, but sometimes a guy just wants to watch a father-daughter movie like Definitely, Maybe with his daughter and “get something in his eye” halfway through.

9. Pets. Dads LOVE to pretend they hate the family pets but who is the one cuddling Princess Beautiful 90% of the time? Daddy-O.

10. Going gray. Dads love getting gray hair because then they get to joke about how distinguished they look and their supposed silver fox status. They also love assigning WHICH gray hairs you, specifically, gave them.

11. Fathers’ Day. A lot of dads try not to make a fuss about it and say they “don’t need anything.” However, our culture is always talking about how great moms are (and they are) so it’s good for them that we take a special day out to thank the dads in our lives.

12. The fact that you’re single. He may lament that you need a husband/wife in your life but he’s secretly happy that you still rely on him that much more.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

13. Your job that he doesn’t quite understand. He may say he wants you to get a corporate job with a 401k and be secure, but inside he’s really sad he ever quit his band and he wants you to be a rockstar, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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