“The Riddle You’d Have To Be A Genius To Solve”

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Someone on Reddit asked, “what’s the toughest riddle you’ve ever heard?” So far the thread has over 1,000 comments, these are the four toughest ones. Can you solve them without looking up the answers?

How do you know which pills to take?

You are diagnosed with a deadly disease and are prescribed 2 different sets of pills. You must take only one of each pill every day to survive. If you take two of the same pill, you grow a tail and die a painful death. But silly you! With only two days left on your prescription, you accidentally drop your four remaining pills and they get mixed up. I don’t know where you’re buying your pills (maybe it was the last purchase ever made on Silk Road), the pills are completely unmarked and look exactly the same. They’re probably from somewhere in Eastern Europe. You have no way of telling the pills apart. How do you make sure you take the correct medication?


How did this happen?

A man lived in a house for two months. Nobody came to visit him and he never went out. At the end of that time, he became slightly deranged. One night he put out the fire, turned off all the lights, and went to bed. The next morning he woke up and his house was surrounded by dead people.


How did he know what color hat he had on?

Three men were captured by a wizard and held captive in his castle. Pleading for their lives the wizard gave them one chance to live. He put the three men blindfolded on a staircase all facing down the stairs. One man on the top step, one man 1/2 way down, and the third man on the bottom step.

He then put a hat on each man, with a possible combination of either 2 red hats and 1 white hat or 2 white hats and 1 red hat. He told them when he removes the blindfolds they have 5 seconds to tell him exactly which hat they’re wearing without guessing (he’s a wizard, he’ll know if they’re guessing), turning around, or talking to each other. If any of them can identify which hat they’re wearing they’re all set free, if not, they all die.

He pulls the blindfolds off and starts counting. 1……2…..3…..

At 3 seconds in, the middle man yells out what color hat he’s wearing and he’s correct.


What comes next?

1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221

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