5 Alien Abduction Cases That Will Creep You The Eff Out

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Allagash Abductions

James MK
James MK

In 1976 four friends in their early 20s went camping in rural Maine. On the second night, they noticed a very bright light but nothing more. On the third night, they decided to try night fishing. In the canoe, they noticed the bright light again. One of the men used a flashlight to flash light in an SOS pattern at the light.

The light then expanded and enveloped all four men.

That’s the last thing they remember. They “woke up” back at their campsite with no recollection of what ended up happening with the light or how they got off the water. The fire they’d stoked up before they left just minutes ago (intending it to still be burning when they returned) was completely burned down to embers.

The aftermath:

Jack Weiner was the first to start having nightmares. In these dreams, he saw beings with long necks and large heads. He saw the beings examining his arm while Jim, Chuck, and Charlie sat on a nearby bench, not able to intervene.

The beings had large metallic glowing eyes with no lids, and their hands were insect-like, with four fingers. The other three men were experiencing very similar dreams, with short, mental clips of that night on the lake. In 1988, out of curiosity, Jim Weiner attended a UFO conference hosted by Raymond Fowler.

Weiner met Fowler afterwards and related his strange encounter. The investigator was excited about Jim’s story, especially the fact that it was a multiple witness occurrence. Fowler suggested to Jim that he and the others undergo regressive hypnosis. After the sessions it was revealed that all four of the men had memories of being abducted and subjected to humiliating physical examinations, including the taking of skin and fluid samples.

The description of the aliens was consistent. The four men – being artists – were able to make detailed sketches of the entities, the craft, and the examining instruments. Chuck Rak added that the aliens’ test area was similar to a vet’s office, with a silvery table. He also related a strange fact: he had much difficulty in focusing on the aliens. When he tried, he could not put an exact image to them. He compared it to trying to tune in a fuzzy radio station.

After the psychiatric examinations, all four of the men were deemed to be mentally stable, and they all passed lie-detector tests.

Pascagoula Abduction


In 1973 two coworkers were fishing off a pier on the Pascagoula River when they heard a buzzing sound and saw flashing blue lights. A UFO appeared and three humanoid creatures dragged them on board. Inside the craft they were examined for about 20 minutes before being “levitated” back to the pier.

Afterwards they went to the police station to report what happened. While they detectives left the two alone in the room, their conversation was unknowingly recorded:

CHARLIE: I’ve never seen nothin’ like that before in my life. You can’t make people believe-
CALVIN: I don’t want to keep sittin’ here. I want to see a doctor-
CHARLIE: They better wake up and start believin’… they better start believin’.
CALVIN: You see how that damn door come right up?
CHARLIE: I don’t know how it opened, son. I don’t know.
CALVIN: It just laid up and just like that those son’ bitches-just like that they come out.
CHARLIE: I know. You can’t believe it. You can’t make people believe it-
CALVIN: I paralyzed right then. I couldn’t move-
CHARLIE: They won’t believe it. They gonna believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me.

Betty and Barney Hill

In 1961 a married couple (both “normal” by all accounts and leaders in their community) were driving home from a vacation at Niagara Falls when they saw what they thought was a falling star, but it moved around in the sky and began to grow bigger. They decided to drive slowly along the road and follow the light as it grew closer to them in the sky, eventually stopping in the middle of the highway as the object hovered only 80-100 feet from them.

At this point Barney Hill commits a horror movie no-no and gets out of the car to get a closer look. After seeing a craft with 8-11 “humanoid” creatures in black uniforms on it. He screamed “They’re going to capture us!” and ran back to the car and the couple drove home.

A trip that should have taken three hours mysteriously took seven. The Hills could not account for the missing time. Additionally, a lot of other strange things happened, leading them to conclude they had been abducted:

Arriving home at about dawn, the Hills assert that they had some odd sensations and impulses they could not readily explain: Betty insisted their luggage be kept near the back door rather than in the main part of the house. Their watches would never run again. Barney noted that the leather strap for the binoculars was torn, though he could not recall it tearing. The toes of his best dress shoes were inexplicably scraped. Barney says he was compelled to examine his genitals in the bathroom, though he found nothing unusual. They took long showers to remove possible contamination and each drew a picture of what they had observed. Their drawings were strikingly similar.

Perplexed, the Hills say they tried to reconstruct the chronology of events as they witnessed the UFO and drove home. But immediately after they heard the buzzing sounds, their memories became incomplete and fragmented. They vaguely recalled a luminous moon shape sitting on the road. Barney recalled saying “Oh no, not again”. Betty thought Barney had taken a sharp left turn off Route 3.

After sleeping for a few hours, Betty awoke and placed the shoes and clothing she had worn during the drive into her closet, observing that the dress was torn at the hem, zipper and lining. Later, when she retrieved the items from her closet, she noted a pinkish powder on her dress. She hung the dress on her clothesline and the pink powder blew away. But the dress was irreparably damaged. She threw it away, but then changed her mind, retrieving the dress and hanging it in her closet. Over the years, five laboratories have conducted chemical and forensic analyses on the dress.

There were shiny, concentric circles on their car’s trunk that had not been there the previous day. Betty and Barney experimented with a compass, noting that when they moved it close to the spots, the needle would whirl rapidly. But when they moved it a few inches away from the shiny spots, it would drop down.

As time passed, Betty and Barney remembered more and more details of their abduction. Here is a map of a solar system constructed from hypnotherapy sessions:


Jesse Long

This man claims to have been abducted many times, beginning when he was 5 years old. Listen to him detail his abductions in his own words:

Antônio Vilas Boas


Antônio Vilas Boas was a Brazilian farmer who was working at night because it was too hot to work during the day when he saw a red star in the sky. As the light grew larger (closer) he tried to drive away in his tractor, but it died. He then tried running away when he was accosted by four humanoid creatures that dragged him into the now landed craft.

They stripped him, covered him with a weird gel, and then took blood samples. This is where things get weird(er). A female humanoid creature appeared…and they had sex. Some hand motions followed that Boas took to mean he had impregnated the creature and that she was going to leave, have the child, and raise it wherever she was from. Then, they gave him a tour of their spaceship before dropping him off.

He went on to become a lawyer and have a family, if that means anything to you as to whether he was crazy. TC mark

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