13 Little Ways You KNOW You’re Going To Get The Job

The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada

1. You have actual work experience doing what the position does. You didn’t have to stretch in your cover letter to explain how you’d be successful at this job and you could tell the interviewer was relieved when you picked up on the industry jargon she used.

2. When you visualize getting the job you don’t see it so much as the company “giving you a chance.” You see it as you guys both helping each other out.

3. You sent a thank you card or email after the interview (and heard back).

4. You dressed nicely at the interview. This doesn’t mean that you wore a generic suit to an interview at a trendy creative agency where people don’t wear suits. This means you looked like a more put-together version of the other people you saw at the office. You mirrored their style, and pulled it off.

5. You had a personal interaction with the interviewer or another person on staff previous to applying for the job through some kind of shared industry-related activity. Maybe you met at a conference and kept in sort-of touch. They know your interest exceeds just needing a job (any job) and will go out on a limb to vouch for you.

6. You sparkled in the interview. You did this because you were excited about the prospect of working for the company and you actually like this kind of work.

7. You aren’t demanding. You didn’t ask about pay or benefits at the interview. You didn’t mention shuttling your kids back and forth during your lunch break or question current employees about flexibility — that’s for after you’ve got an offer.

8. At no point while reading the initial job posting did you think to yourself, “well, I guess I could do this until something better comes along.”

9. In the interview, the interviewer makes statements about you such as “you’re the kind of person who ______.” This means she’s checking something off her list, where she’d noted she needed that specific kind of person.

10. In general, people like you. You’re popular. People make lunch dates with you. This attribute always carries over to the hiring process.

11. You feel confident talking about yourself. You don’t stumble when asked to talk about what you’ve been doing or what your hobbies are. You’re articulate and savvy enough to know having a 90 second version of your life highlight reel is important.

12. Your contact at the company seems to dote on you. They take special care to be friendly and open — they want you so they want to stay in contact while the paperwork goes through and make sure you’re still available when it does.

13. You just have a feeling. Your intuition is telling you that they loved you and that it’s a great fit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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