50 Men Spill Their Sexual Pet Peeves

I polled every guy in my phone. I’m not sure how to feel right now.

Sam, 28

My girlfriend constantly says “I gave you sex.” As in, she had sex with me so I should do the dishes, or I should clean her car out because she “gave” me sex. It makes me feel like she doesn’t love or care about me, that sex is just a thing she puts up with so I can do favors for her.

Jeff, 35

My girlfriend is really spacey, I get it, but she’ll wonder aloud whether she turned the oven off in the middle of sex! It makes me feel bad, like she isn’t into it.

Andy, 27

Girls who act like a dead fish. If you just lay there, it’s not fun.

Tommy, 24

Girls with poor hygiene. If you want me to go down on you, fine, but please shower first.

Reed, 30

My ex used to tell me to cum. I can’t do it on command!

Nate, 33

When a girl is really grossed out by semen. It really ruins the mood. We’re adults, this is a part of sex.

Matthew, 29

Calling me “daddy.” It’s creepy.

Josh, 30

When a girl is completely silent during sex. No moans, no talking, nothing. It’s like fucking a ghost.

John, 33

Not mine but I hate that dudes think its okay for a girl to not have an orgasm! Make her cum first, then get off.

Mike, 30

Baby talk. WTF?

Rory, 25

DTRs immediately following sex. I just want to relax and enjoy what we just did, not talk about what it means for our relationship.

Jon, 23

Scrapping your teeth during a blow job. I would never hit a woman, but come on.

Christopher, 30

A girl once said to me, “are you almost done?” We actually broke up in part because of that, it wasn’t the whole cause, but it was the catalyst.

Jason, 35

Ha. If only I had a pet peeve. My wife never wants it at all so if she did I wouldn’t complain about anything.

Aaron, 28

Girls who are too insecure to try anything other than missionary with the lights off. I used to be okay with it but now that I’m getting older I’m realizing that it’s just immature.

Mike, 23


Luke, 29

Girls who are completely passive.

Andrew, 31

I hate that I have to be on top 99% of the time. I want to see her riding me too.

Brian, 30

Faking orgasms.

Eric, 27

I just hate cleaning up afterwards.

Lee, 26

I’m not sure if this counts, but I hate how girls tell their friends everything. I want some stuff to stay private. I don’t like thinking that when her friends come over they are looking at me and judging me because I like butt plugs.

Peter, 32

Okay this is graphic, but when we are in doggy style you can kind of see everything so… um…. wipe really well and then make sure there aren’t bits of toilet paper stuck up there.

Neil, 28

Girls who couldn’t care less about sex. Or act like its a chore as soon as we’re exclusive.

Andy, 33

My only pet peeve is lack of it.

Michael, 31

Lack of imagination.

Chris, 29

NEVER talk about your ex in bed or compare my penis to another guy’s dick. This really happens. Stop.

Jason, 27

Honestly, if a girl doesn’t like to have fun in bed, she doesn’t like to have fun in life and we’re not going to be a fit in either place.

Rob, 29

I don’t like it when a girl is too rough, like biting or nail-scratching.

Brad, 32

If I saw something I want and the girl I’m dating says “gross.” You don’t have to love every sexual thing I love, but idk, don’t say it’s gross.

James, 34

Vanilla sex.

Ben, 31

When I never get it.

Tim, 29

When a girl isn’t clean enough with her self-care.

Brandon, 24


John, 25

Constantly doing all the work.

D, 26

Sigh. I am uncircumsized and women always make a big deal about it. It’s embarrassing and kills my mood. I’m not American! Sue me.

Will, 30

The wet spot.

Kyle, 28

There isn’t anything I would say I HATE that can’t be talked through.

David, 34

Why does it always go from hot to nonexistent immediately after we make it official?

Dan, 23

A girl who thinks your penis is soooo sensitive that she’ll barely touch it even when I say they can use more pressure.

Ian, 28

Squeaky beds, girls with roommates, girls who insist their animal sleeps in the bed.

James, 29

I hate worrying about pregnancy.

Mike, 28

I want to get my girl off, but my tongue gets tired during oral and she doesn’t ever get off from regular sex. It’s frustrating.

Carson, 24

Girls think I want it all the time because I’m a dude. I’m not always feeling it.

Adam, 31

She never takes her shirt off anymore.

Jake, 28

Talking too much.

Rob, 34

Sometimes I think she’s asleep but she’s awake… just laying there.

Joshua, 30

I don’t like when a girl wants to use sex toys while we’re having sex. Those are for whem I’m gone.

Ryan, 29

Being excited to do the deed and then finding a giant bush.

Jason, 28

When it’s “that time of the month.”

Paul, 27

I don’t like it when it seems like the girl isn’t enjoying herself. Sex should be fun for both of us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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