11 People Who Will Make You Believe The World Is Beautiful Again

This man has single handedly saved 2.4 million babies lives.


When James Harrison was 13, he needed a major surgery that required 13 litres of blood. Upon discovering this fact, he pledged to donate blood as soon as he was of legal age. When he did this, he discovered he had a rare blood anomaly that helped prevent Rhesus disease.He has now given over 1,000 blood donations over the course of his live saving 2.4 million lives, including that of his daughter, Tracey.

A little boy with a hearing aid said, “Superheroes don’t have hearing aids.” So, Marvel Comics created one.


Every little boy who reads and watches superhero stuff wants to be just like them. But Anthony Smith thought he couldn’t be, because he wore a hearing aid. His mom sent a letter to Marvel’s fan mail address, asking them to create a Superhero with a hearing aid, where someone was moved by her request and obliged.

The little guys stuck it to the Big, Bad Bank.

Bank of America wrongfully foreclosed on a Florida couple’s home. They sued to cover their legal costs and when BOA refused to pay the court awarded $2,500, the couple went to their bank with the police, a moving company, and a court document saying they could seize the bank’s property to pay the amount they were owed. How does it feel, BOA?

This billionaire is in a race against time to give all his money to worthy causes before he dies.

Sadie Hernandez
Sadie Hernandez

After setting up a modest trust fund provision for himself, his ex wife, and his children, billionaire Chuck Feeny has been trying to give all his money away through giving grants to worthy charities. He has spent 6.2 billion dollars on charity so far, and plans to spend the rest of his wealth (1.2 billion) by 2016.

He says, “I had one idea that never changed in my mind—that you should use your wealth to help people. I try to live a normal life, the way I grew up. I set out to work hard, not to get rich.”

JM Barrie gave the rights to ‘Peter Pan’ to a hospital, so they would receive all the royalties.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

Every time you see a production, read a book, or see a movie about Peter Pan, money is being raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Barrie claimed that Peter Pan was a resident of the hospital and that Peter Pan himself told him to give the money to the hospital.

The guy that owns Men’s Wearhouse won’t do background checks on job applicants because he believes in second chances.

A model standing outside a Men's Wearhouse store Men's Wearhouse Facebook
A model standing outside a Men’s Wearhouse store Men’s Wearhouse Facebook

As a recovering alcoholic himself, he knows that making a mistake doesn’t have to control where you end up.

Bob Ross didn’t need to make money from his PBS show, he just wanted to show people the joy of painting.

Bob Ross: Joy of Painting - Waterfalls Collection
Bob Ross: Joy of Painting – Waterfalls Collection

He never sold any of his paintings, though he’d made over 30,000 in his life. He actually didn’t even get paid for hosting his iconic PBS show, he had already made enough through his own company selling art supplies and how-to tapes so he did the Joy of Painting for free.

Famous Chef loses competition to a prison cook, offers him a job.

Here’s Gordon Ramsey challenging a prison cook to an onion cutting competition. When he loses, he offers his competitor a job in one of his restaurants when he gets out.


This self-made millionaire made the graduation rate of a poor neighborhood near 100%.


Harris Rosen adopted the Florida neighborhood of Tangelo Park, offering free preschool for kids, parenting classes for parents, and a college scholarship to everyone in the neighborhood who graduated high school.

He says, “When people have the resources to go and succeed, there’s a ripple effect,” she says. “It becomes generational. No one in my family ever went to college before, but now, my baby sister can’t even picture a life without college. My mother even went back and got her degree. I showed her that she could do it.”

For 36 years a shoe shiner donated all his tips to charity, it was over $200,000.

Albert Lexie shined shoes at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh his whole life, donating everything above $5 back to the hospital. So far, this has added up to $200,659. He takes a 90-minute bus ride to his job.

A Texas football coach asked his fans to cheer for the other team, because they were playing kids who didn’t have any fans of their own.

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights

When he learned the new team they would be playing consisted of kids who’d largely been convicted of drug and assault charges and disowned by their own families, coach Kris Hogan sent a letter to his community asking them to cheer for the other team during the game saying he wanted to send the message to the other team that, “You are just as valuable as any other person on planet Earth.”

When asked why he did it he said, “Imagine if you didn’t have a home life. Imagine if everybody had pretty much given up on you. Now imagine what it would mean for hundreds of people to suddenly believe in you.”

Asking to lead a prayer between the two teams after the game, the visiting team’s QB said, “Lord, I don’t know how this happened, so I don’t know how to say thank You, but I never would’ve known there was so many people in the world that cared about us.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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