5 Reasons Brandi Glanville Is My Idol (And Why It’s Okay To Be A Brandi, Not A Yolanda)

She is fearless

At age 16 she moved alone to Paris to start her career. That’s hot.

I don’t shy away from arguments because I love the Socratic method and being analytical, but I generally don’t engage in them via loud screaming fights. Brandi, however leaps before she looks and doesn’t think twice about having verbal fights with people. I can relate to that kind of confidence, but she does it in real time, and on national TV, which takes some next level self-assuredness.

She doesn’t act her age.

Acting your age is the biggest sham in our modern world. Why would you trade having a fun life that makes you happy for sitting at home in a snuggie with your husband cheering for your American Idol fav? That life is not for me. I love that Brandi has a life that’s still interesting past her 20s.

She plays by her own rules

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Remember when we met Brandi on RHWOBH and she was wearing ridiculously high heels while on crutches? That is badass.

She is ‘the fun one’

I think the safest (read: most boring) personality a girl can have today is to be traditional. Be the responsible girl that reminds her husband to call his mother on her birthday, bakes cookies and “manages the household.” Because of the high demands placed on this girl (she likely also works and has primary responsibility for kids) she kind of has disdain for people like Brandi who value fun the way they value responsibility. So, I feel a solidarity with someone who embraces zeal as much (if not more) than I do.

She isn’t put together

A few years ago, I would have told you that I wanted to be a Yolanda, not a Brandi. Yolanda is classy and effortlessly chic and is always put together. She never cries at parties, never has a fashion faux pas, never regrets something that comes out of her mouth. But, the thing is, I will never be a Yolanda. I have too much joie de vivre. You have to embrace the person you are and not just assume it’s a mistake that we can’t all be Yolanda Foster. A room filled with Yolandas would be a bore, just as a room filled with Brandis would be overwhelming. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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