23 Things All Girls Secretly Want


1. To be 5’10 like Cindy Crawford.

2. A man that will tell instead of ask (because he has secret ESP so he always knows the right thing to say).

3. Clothes that look better on your body than on the rack.

4. A job they’re really good at, and don’t have to wear pantyhose, long skirts and crew necks in order for them to be taken seriously.

5. The ability to do it all, or at least to stop caring about doing things that aren’t actually important without being judged.

6. A skin care regiment that is perfect, inexpensive, and easy.

7. Female role models that are equal parts Elizabeth Taylor and Hillary Clinton.


8. To be able to freely make whatever choice they want in regard to dress, politics, work or parenting and without it making them a “good” or a “bad” feminist.

9. An orgasm every time.

10. A live in partner who accepts that they will always need more space for their stuff in the bathroom and need to be left alone for a few hours before special occasions because primping is usually the most fun part.

11. A bra that is supportive, comfortable, enhancing and sexy all at the same time. (note: these do not currently exist).

12. Everything in life to be cheetah print, hot pink, purple, vintage, or match whatever other aesthetic they think is the prettiest.

13. The ability to care about stupid things like The Kardashians without people assuming that means they only care about dumb things. Hey! Remember, “only Dostoevsky can be Dostoevskian at such long, long, tumultuous stretches.”

14. For scientists to figure out how to remove the calories already.


15. A 2-way mirror version of Facebook where you can thoroughly stalk your exes without having to worry if they’re checking up on you.

16. A permanent cure for UTIs.

17. The Friends reunion to happen.

18. To be able to outgrow that people pleasing tendency so many of us cultivate as young girls and be able to negotiate, to ask for a promotion, and to say no without an iota of guilt.

19. To go back in time and figure out how to un-make the “thigh gap” be a thing.

20. A mom who’s proud of her… and stops asking her when she’ll get married and starts asking her when she’s taking herself on a well-deserved vacation.

21. Relationships with their friends that are as iconic as perfect as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

22. Leggings and yoga pants to never, ever, EVER go out of style.


23. A life with people who make us feel beautiful, even on the worst of days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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