15 People On Their Experience With The 'Sleep Paralysis Demon'

15 People On Their Experience With The ‘Sleep Paralysis Demon’

12. Footsteps.

Hear the back door being forced open. Laying on the couch. Can’t stir myself. Hear hurried footsteps crossing the linoleum in the kitchen, then the hardwood in the dining, getting closer to where I am in the living room. Can’t move, can’t even yell out. Manage to regain consciousness at the last possible moment before I likely suffocate (sleep apnea). Happens 50-70 percent of the time I pass out drunk on the couch. 100% if on my back.

I know some day I’m going to die like that. Not from an actual intruder but dreaming of my end and then realizing it while suffocating. The nightmares I have due to sleep apnea have made me nuts.

13. A little black child…

It happens to me when I’m overtired, usually when I’m taking a nap. It always depends on the dream I’m having- I’ll “wake up” unable to move but with an intense pressure on my body that almost feels good but scary because I can’t control what’s going on. Whatever I was dreaming about will be projected into my room, so for example: my mother talking to me, one time a little black child (that one was creepy), usually just different people or “demons” as you call them. I’ll snap out of it and fall back to sleep, then it will happen again for a few seconds, and finally after a few times I will completely wake up in a panic.

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