13 Things That Happen When You Watch ‘The Bachelor’ With Your Girlfriends

What to Expect When You're Expecting
What to Expect When You’re Expecting

1. There’s wine. Lots and lots of wine.

2. You know that one of the best times of any season is judging the bachelor/bachelorette’s suitors as they emerge from the limo. What are they wearing? What silly party trick will they use to ensure they get “alone time” later? This season how many girls do you think will try to win Juan Pablo’s affection right out of the gate by bringing a soccer ball?

3. The phrase “the right reasons” has lost all meaning to you.

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4. Each of your friends has a favorite that they root for for no reason at all, but no matter how intuitive you are, NO ONE saw Vienna coming. We all do it.

5. Your monday night viewing session is a standing event. You would never accept another invitation that falls on a Monday night while the show’s airing.

6. At least one of you has a perfect impression of Brad’s “I have to tell you goodbyeeuh.”

7. If one of you has DVR, that’s the home you all congregate at so that you can fast forward through the literally 20-minute recap of the season they do at the beginning of each show.

8. You all know that all the cast offs have get togethers where they meet other cast offs and get in Bachelor relationships. When a new person gets eliminated you discuss which previous season contestant they will likely fall for.

9. You guys love The Bach, but agree, ABC is a little too happy with their marketing strategy: Juan’s abs.

ABC's "12 Days Of Juan Pablo Pinterest board
ABC’s “12 Days Of Juan Pablo Pinterest board

10. You know that Chris Harrison is literally, The Worst, but are also weirdly rooting for him and Beiber’s mom.

11. Sometimes your abs hurt the next day and you realize it’s from laughing so hard.

12. You research the girls on social media to see if you can find any juicy gossip someone from their “real life” shares about them.

13. Occasionally you have so much fun you forget you were watching a TV show.

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