13 Things That Happen When You Date A Girl Who Loves Her Dog


1. You will never, ever be positive that you are more loved than her beloved pooch.

2. When you are snuggling on the couch, it’s perfectly acceptable for the dog, even one that weighs upwards of 100lbs, to jump up and carve out a nest for himself between the two of you.

3. You’ve heard her on more than one occasion refer to her pet as “the man in my life.”

4. You don’t worry about her straying, dog lovers are fiercely loyal and not the sort of people who get pleasure from hurting others.

5. You know all the scenic areas around your girlfriend’s house because she likes to take you there (with the dog, of course).

6. You’ve given up on arguing that the dog cannot sleep in the bed.


7. You’ll go a few days without seeing her, and somehow still find a dog hair on your desk.

8. You have seen literally thousands of pictures of her dog via Instagram, Facebook, and lots of texts that say “OMG look what Waffles just did!”

9. When she is talking to the dog, you are referred to as “daddy.”

10. Nothing is cuter than catching the two of them taking a nap together.

11. You’ve suddenly got a lot more energy for everything just by close proximity to dog energy.

12. She’s one of the most independent girls you’ve dated. Dog lovers take after their pooches and love to explore.

13. You wonder how you thought you weren’t a dog person before you met her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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