7 Reasons The Baby-Sitter’s Club Will ALWAYS Be The Best Young Adult Book Series

The Babysitter's Club
The Babysitter’s Club

1. Girl power

All the main characters in The Baby-Sitter’s Club are girls. Smart girls. Smart girls who run their own Business. The BSC girls are pretty badass.

2. There was a relatable character for everyone

Long before you were the “Miranda” or the “Carrie” you were the “Claudia” or the “Kristy.” Plus, we all know Mary Anne was the OG Charlotte Yorke.

3. Positive female friendships

While there’s occasional discord within the BSC, the characters generally have great relationships with each other. It’s not a competitive cut-throat Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars world.

4. Bella Swan could never hang with these girls

While she was busy feeling self-important about how awkward and serious she was, the BSC girls were putting on summer camps, solving mysteries and supporting each other through normal coming of age dramas. The fact that meek-is-chic Bella would be out of place with this crowd means it’s an A+ crowd in my book.

5. No dystopian future required

The best part of the BSC books are how relatable they are. Almost every girl babysits for a time growing up and can relate to one of the main characters. In series like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, the setting drives the plot, for The Baby-Sitters Club, it’s the characters.

6. Bustin’ stereotypes

Claudia busted down the “asians are good at math” stereotype while Stacey was into fashion and shopping WHILE also being smart. While each of the main girls has their own genre of personality, they aren’t one-dimensional.

7. The series doesn’t end with the main characters falling in love and getting married

Please stop ending things with people getting married and having kids. That’s like, not everyone’s life path. And for the people who do get married and have kids, that’s like, the middle of your life not the end of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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